Re: Ten Reasons I Embrace the Move to Muni.

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Posted by Baseball Devil on May 30, 14 at 04:08:50:

In Reply to: Ten Reasons I Embrace the Move to Muni. posted by DevilQuad on May 29, 14 at 19:29:48:

::DQ, I agree with you on a lot of levels. The only part about not playing in Packard besides all the history that's there is that Muni isn't on campus. There is something to be said for that. But, as you mentioned, it's a very short light rail ride away from campus. I think the athletic dept. should try to work out some sort of deal with valley metro to encourage students to use the light rail to and from games at Muni. Maybe give free or discounted light rail passes during the baseball season to students who purchase season tickets for baseball. I think overall Muni will be an upgrade in a lot of ways, just wish they could have renovated Packard

: I'm not here to argue whether the move to Phx Muni is good or bad. That ship has sailed. We're moving. ASU will play baseball at Phx Muni next year. I happen to think it's an improvement, but I understand those of you who do not. In the spirit of Sun Devil brotherhood I offer you naysayers a few reasons to accept the transition:

: 1. Better field. Phoenix Muni meets MLB standards for grass, infield and lighting. No longer will we need to import lights to host televised night games. The field at Muni is simply superior.

: 2. Beer. Since the ballpark is off-campus beer sales SHOULD be allowed. This is no small detail. First off, who doesn't like a beer and a hot dog at a ballgame? Even if you're not a beer drinker (un-American!), beer sales = money and attendance (including college student who are often known to drink said beverage).

: 3. Which leads me to LARGER crowds. Yes, we WILL have larger crowds next year. Partly it will be the curiosity factor, partly will be due to beer sales, and partly will be because we have an AWESOME team next year! Also, I'm hoping they'll allow people to tailgate.

: 4. Brand spanking new $775,000 video board. Yes, that will be amazing!

: 5. Yes, there will be grass seating. Currently, Phx Muni. does not have grass seating, but ASU plans to remove some bleachers and install grass seating.

: 6. The view. Yes, I know a lot has been made about the view at Packard Stadium. Looking out over the lake toward Four Peaks was pretty spectacular. The view at Muni is no slouch either: the Papago Buttes at sunset are stunning, and probably more spectacular on TV.

: 7. It's not as far as you think, for students. The majority of on-campus housing is now centered around the Apache/Rural area. That is a full mile from Packard Stadium, or one half mile to the light rail stop near Cholla. The light rail stop at Washington/Priest is one half mile from Phx Muni., so total walking distance would be the same for most [not all] students on campus. Parking is plentiful, although I hear they may charge for parking (demerit, Muni!)

: 8. Better/more restrooms. The bathrooms at Phx Muni are better. Much better.

: 9. As is (better) the fan/giftshop. No longer need we sell jerseys from a trailer--we'll have an air-conditioned gift shop!

: 10. ADA accessibility. As a wheelchair user I can tell you the accessible seating at Muni FAR surpasses what Packard had. This may not be important to you, but it is to MANY people, including me, some of your elder parents/grandparents and even Cory Hahn.

: I could add more, but I'll stop at ten. No need to reply to this with your historical perspective on Packard. Yes, I get [and love] the history we had at Packard. While it's a shame to miss that, the decision has already been made.


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