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Posted by Baseball Devil on June 09, 14 at 04:18:54:

In Reply to: And then there were none (PAC12 in postseason) posted by DevilQuad on June 08, 14 at 18:44:35:

:: DQ, a big part of that is who the P12 gets matched up with and it happens every year. The selection committee finds a way to screw the P12. Yes, OSU lost on their home field as the #1 national seed but look where UC Irvine is headed now, to Omaha. And they were the #3 seed in the Corvalis regional if I remember correctly. Compare that with who LSU got as the #3 seed at their regional, Bryant University from Rhode Island, who has only been playing DI baseball for 5 years at the most...and LSU still lost their regional at home! Louisville was given Kansas as their #3 seed with Kentucky as the #2 seed at their super regional. Kentucky was 14-16 in the SEC this year and 37-25 overall! Compare that with what U of A did last year, 13-13 in conference and 34-22 overall and they were defending national champs and they don't even make the tournament!!! The selection committee always finds a way to screw the Pac 12 whether it's by very few regional host sites (check for 2014), stacking P12 regionals (check for this year), or not getting in as many teams from the conference as should have made it to the tourney (can't really complain about that this year but last year was a freaking pharce). Despite all this the conference has still won the last two national titles in baseball and by far has the most baseball national titles of any conference in the country. If you analyze further, look at where ASU was sent this year. Cal Poly should have been a national seed this year but got screwed (another example of the West Coast getting effed) because they lost a series at Long Beach State (who almost won the Gainesville, Florida regional after the big dog SEC Gators went 2 and a que on their home field as the #2 national seed). Cal Poly won 47 games this year in a conference that is consistently in the top 5 baseball conferences in the country, the Big West, and has produced national champions, multiple schools w/ CWS appearances, and is always a multi bid league. Add to that a Pepperdine team that is still playing in the second week of June and it wasn't an easy regional. Yes, the Devils wet the bed losing to Sac. State, that's not really acceptable...but this is baseball and Sac. State happened to play a little better for those 9 innings. It's not like the Devils got their asses whipped.

Bringing up Florida, that was a perfect example of the SEC bias. Florida had 21 losses going into the tourney this year and they were gift wrapped the #2 national seed!!! The Gators played a pretty tough schedule and went 21-9 in the SEC but the fact that they got a #2 national seed with 21 losses is a joke. Again U of A had almost an identical overall record last year and a .500 record in the P12 last year and doesn't even make the tourney...something doesn't compute.

Let everyone say what they want this year, P12 has won the last two titles, and the SEC will be lucky if they get 2 of the 10 teams they had in the tourney to Omaha (hopefully the Ragin Cajuns can stomp Ole Miss today and make it 1 out of 10). Then I hope Maryland takes down Virginia today and the weak sauce ACC can shut up too. They'll have 1 team in Omaha also and that team is on their way to the Big 10 next year!

Considering the P12 has won the last two national titles and if the SEC gets only one team out of 10 this year and the ACC gets one that's leaving the conference next year I'd rather be a P12 guy. On top of that, if Pepperdine can get it done today at TCU the west coast will STILL have two teams in Omaha, even in such a down year for the P12. That just goes to show the quality of baseball played in the Pac 12, Big West, WCC, and Mtn. West.

And to answer your question about parity, yes it's parity and also shows a lot of flaws with the SEC and ACC. Despite hosting 50% of the regionals the SEC and ACC will be lucky to get 3 teams to Omaha combined...that's 3 out of 17 teams! Almost 1/3 of the total tournament field.

The bottom line is SEC and ACC country is loaded with people that love to watch and play college baseball. The west coast is loaded with people who love to play college baseball. The NCAA gives SEC/ACC country a huge advantage for the fact that there's more of an interest by fans in that area of the country...has nothing to do with the product on the field.

: Vanderbilt eliminated Stanford in the third game of their super-regional, eliminating the only PAC12 team to reach the super-regionals. A down year for PAC12 baseball or parity coming to college baseball?

: It's crazy when you look back and realize the last two years' champs, UCLA and UofA, finished toward the bottom of the conference this year. #1 OSU didn't get out of its regional.


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