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Posted by ScooterDevil on February 08, 15 at 17:44:09:

In Reply to: Was not talking about... posted by TO Devil on February 08, 15 at 13:02:49:

I trust that with the at least 6 different coaches that have been on staff since Gilling has been here they know more than you or I about whether it is in the best interest of a player to completely change his shooting stroke. Gilling has the same poor arch on his shot from 3-point range. Barnes really doesn't have a prototypical sweet stroke from the line. His release point is too low.

Here is my point. Ask someone who attends practice. I'll bet you Gilling is money from the line in practice.

: Barnes. He is the only legitimate free throw shooter. I try not to ever call out specific players but Gilling has horrible FT mechanics for a 3 point shooter.

: Several other Devils also have very poor shooting mechanics. And yes, you can teach and coach at the college level. Some of these guys were good in high school because they were tall. Period. You are not going to be able to make your players better FT shooters during the season. That happens in the offseason.

: Have also said, players are made in the offseason. Teams are made during the season.

: Go Devils!

: : Bo Barnes is an 88% free throw shooter this year. With the exact same stroke he shot 65% last year. You are not going to teach someone how to shoot free throws once they get to college. It's not mostly mental, it's all mental.

: : : Agree that shooting free throws are largely mental. That is why I said confidence is an equal measure of success in shooting a high percentage.

: : : We have certain 3 point "specialists" that cannot shoot free throws to save their life. No rhythm, not confidence and not touch. Flattest shot I have ever seen.

: : : D1 players shooting less than 80%, especially on a team based on shooting from distance is unacceptable. The attitude appears to be "oh crap, I got fouled and not I have to go to the line". Followed by, "whatever, I missed the first but I have another opportunity". Kind of like accepting "C's" in school.

: : : Suck it up and look forward to going to the line. Missing even one free throw is unacceptable. Dead legs, crowd, etc. should not play a role.

: : : Go Devils!

: :
: : : : I'm probably a 95% free throw shooter when I'm sitting in the gym by myself and just shooting them. When I played in a men's league last I think I shot about 65%. Game situation is totally different. You have tired legs, triple the heart rate, thousand of fans, pressure, mental issues. They all contribute. While I agree that they should shoot better, it's more about mental preparation and mental toughness than it is about practicing them more.

: : : : : For shooting anything less than 80% as D1 player. None. I have not played competitively for years and can still shoot over 80% from the line. Yes, being tired can impact your shot. However, free throws are about rhythm, confidence, and a personal decision to improve. Something most Sendek teams lack.

: : : : : Go Devils!

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: : : : : : Have never gone to a practice but I have to believe they do practice FT's. I just think FT shooting is not one of the things they look for when it comes to recruiting. As a player, I would be embarrassed to not be able to hit 80% on your home court. You are standing the same distance for every FT, the basket is not moving, no one is or will be between you and the basket. you can take your time to set up the shot. What is the problem?

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