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Posted by ScooterDevil on March 19, 15 at 14:06:55:

In Reply to: Re: Assessing the Era posted by jondevil on March 19, 15 at 10:41:38:

We are 18 games under .500 in conference play, but 14 of them were in that first year that we only won 2 games. If you take out the first year, we are only 4 games under .500 in conference play.

Yes I admit there have been some embarrassments under Herb's watch. And if someone says he needs to go because of that I have no argument. We've also had some collapses. Once again I have no argument. But his overall record and his success against UofA have to be considered positives in my opinion as well. I just want there to be a measure of sensibility in the fire Herb rhetoric.

In my opinion given the pathetic fanbase and lack of ever having any long-term success it will almost take a miracle to turn this program into what some people want. So do you fire a guy for making an improvement but not performing a miracle?

: : I think it's only fair when assessing the Sendek era to throw out year one. He took over a team that was really had no shot to be very competitive and was patiently changing the culture. So let's just take his 8 years since then. In doing this let's assume that ASU didn't get snubbed twice by the NCAA (on two occasions ASU was a #1 seed in the NIT and most experts clearly thought they deserved a bid). If that were the case then this is what his 8-year tenure would look like:

: : - 4 NCAA Berths; 2 NIT's
: : - 6 out of 8 times finishing in the upper half of PAC.
: : - 5 (and possibly six 20-win seasons) out of 8.
: : - 6 out of 8 seasons with winning records.
: : - 6 out of 8 seasons with .500 or better record in conference play.

: : It is hard to win in the PAC-12. It's even harder to build a program. For all his faults and bad moments, Sendek has made ASU somewhat competitive and relevant since he's come here. Look at all the teams across the country in major conferences, that don't have basketball traditions. Most of them have resumes similar to or worse than ours. Take a look at Clemson, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Penn State, Nebraska, Oregon State, Washington State, TCU, Texas Tech, etc.

: .....jon..... a few things , 20 win seasons aren't the benchmark they used to be imo , especially w/ some of the embarrassing OOC schedules we've had under herb's watch. and , iirc, herb is something like 20 games under .500 in the PAC in his time here. we beat up on the patsies, or sometimes, embarrass ourselves on our " home court ". NAU, Lehigh , and Jacksonville immediately come to mind. then it seems like we always come up short / find ways to blow leads when we do play other P5 OOC schools. i don't have a solution , but to suggest we should be satisfied w/ herb to this point is a disservice to the fanbase, imo. and yes , i'm aware we beat a very mediocre defending NC team, yesterday. we couldn't step on their throat , either, and almost blew it. 12 2nd half TO's , was it ?

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