Makes it even more crazy what Miami got away with

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Posted by Big D on October 23, 13 at 03:31:13:

In Reply to: Re: Here's the answer...more posted by FillmoreDevil on October 22, 13 at 21:06:44:

Some of the rules and examples in the compliance document seem to follow common sense, like the examples regarding giving NBA pre-season tickets, free admission to an event, court-side seats, etc.

But others that are very eyebrow raising are the ones that would seemingly prohibit any of us from discussing who is making an official visit or attending a game here on the board.

Technically, the only ones that would be prohibited would be those that are donors, but that would include virtually any current and past season ticket holders.

It's amazing to think that ASU could be charged with recruiting violations and sanctioned because some season ticket holders were discussing who was and wasn't making an offcial visit on a message board - but it seems it is perfectly possible if the NCAA was to follow the letter of the rule.

But then consider everything that institutions like Miami (and others) have gotten away with.

Someone else said it seemed to make more sense to just do what you want and then try to get out of the penalties afterward, than to try to follow the rules to the letter. Those are are following the rules 100% (like I hope ASU is) are at a substantial disadvantage to those that consistently flaunt the rules and get away with it.

I don't count USC in that group, because they got pummeled for the Reggie Bush fiasco, but:

a) That was an incredibly egregious and obvious violation. His family was given a free house?

b) That was the only thing they were charged with. Its likely that USC was doing this sort of thing many-many-many-many times but only got caught once.

Its a crazy world we live in.

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