P12 in serious trouble

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Posted by Baseball Devil on December 04, 18 at 06:11:44:

The Pac 12 commish needs to speak up and he won't do it. This whole Power 5 concept was supposed to give those 5 conferences more autonomy and allow them to play by the same rules...not happening. How in the hell does the Pac 12 have a 10-2 team that is in the Sun Bowl? Any of the 4 other conferences in the P5 would be outraged...but not the P12. We have a team in the Rose Bowl...yay. The rest of the P5 is going to pass this conference by unless something is done about it quickly. The Big 12 was on the brink of folding, doesn't have it's own TV network, doesn't have a contract with ESPN (other than the Longhorn Network) yet somehow is still outgunning the Pac 12. The Pac 12 has to do something to make a big splash or it's going to be the red headed step child of the P5 for however long the P5 exists. And it's putting itself in danger of becoming the next Big East in terms of football. The conference has no national respect even when it is good.

The ONLY way to solve this is to expand. And expand with schools that take athletics seriously, offer large television markets, and have great facilities. The Pac 12 needs to take another run at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, allow Texas to bring the Longhorn Network with it, and bring in Houston for the TV market. That gives you geographic continuity with Colorado bordering Oklahoma, it gives you the Central time zone, it gives you two blue blood college football programs, another two very competitive programs. If that doesn't work you go after the two Kansas schools and cherry pick two from the Mountain West (I would grab UNLV and Boise State). That would give you the Central time zone still plus the Vegas TV market, plus the Kansas City TV market, plus a consistent winner in Boise State)...not a bad plan B.

The other part of this is the Rose Bowl. First of all, we get it, it's in a great setting. But the stadium itself is a shithole, it's not that great for tailgaiting...it's tired.

The Rose Bowl needs to be either heavily renovated (not the half ass job they recently did), torn down and rebuilt, or the game should just be moved to the new Rams stadium. It's enough already. Unless it's the national title game, half the country doesn't really give a crap about the rose bowl.

Next, allow ESPN to take over the P12 Network...would do a world of good for national perception.

After that, work with the professional football stadiums and the cities they're located in within the P12 footprint.

Why in the hell does Seattle and Denver not host a kickoff classic game at beginning of the year? Beautiful weather in both spots end of August/beginning of Sept. Put a kick off classic in new rams stadium in LA, put one in new Raiders stadium in Vegas, put one in Cardinals stadium and a meaningful game, not just U of A vs. BYU. Why in the hell should the Pac 12 teams have to travel to Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, etc to play in these kick off classic games vs. big time opponents. UW's game with Auburn this year was basically a home game for Auburn which is about 90 min from Atlanta.

For bowl season, move the Vegas bowl to New Years Day to compete with the Outback and Gator bowls (not NY6 bowls but still new years day with a nice pay out) and tie in with the P12 #3 to ensure a P12 presence on New Years Day. Get the SEC to send their #4 or 5 team, SEC fans would jump at a chance to go to Vegas on an annual basis. Do the same thing with Rams new stadium. If Rose Bowl doesn't move there (which it never will), revive the Freedom Bowl and play it in Rams new stadium on New Years Day as well. Get the ACC to send their #2, which they would do in a heartbeat as this would open up new recruiting opportunities for their schools.

The bottom line is the Pac 12 has to make a decision...do they want to be the Semi Power 1 or do they actually want to be part of the Power 5?

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