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Posted by Big Ron on December 11, 18 at 09:50:18:

In Reply to: Don't get me started... Public funds posted by OCMark on December 11, 18 at 08:48:55:

I have mixed feelings as well. Yes, Mora may have been the highest paid state employee, but he was turning a profit. Not very many state employees can make that claim. Coaches like Saban have a Richter Scale effect on the Alabama GDP. As long as these coaches win and generate revenue, state Board of Regents ignore the salaries. But that leads to extravagance throughout the football industry. Notice I use the term industry and not sports. Look at how Ray Andersonís salary has ballooned. The number of Assistant ADs at ASU has exploded to over 70. The inflation factor is insidious and irreversible. Then the coach stops winning.

Nobody takes a pay cut. The President of Athletics doesnít thin out the Athletic Department. Instead, they ask the state for more money or the schools tax the students.

Once a HC starts losing and generating debt, he became a liability. This happens to 90% of all coaching situations. So the question becomes, why do schools build in these outlandish buyout clauses? They know that they are going to shell out massive amounts on money. USA Today reported that very few schools include compensation clauses that limit payments if the fired coach takes a new position.

There was a discussion about this on a sports station a few years back. On one side of the argument was the accusation of schools ignoring the fiduciary duties of managing taxpayer money. On the opposing view was the case of school having to meet market demand. In the end, the panel concluded that there are only 136 D1 head coaching jobs so these schools control the market. If none offered full payouts, the practice would die. What would the Sabans and Moras do? They sign a balanced contract or they quit the profession and take up coaching tennis.

But then again, an ex-tennis coach is now running the PAC-12 for $4.5 million a year plus benefits.

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