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Posted by Devil Wanting More Change on December 18, 18 at 07:04:54:

In Reply to: WOULD YOU LET THE DAMN HORSE ... posted by Don B. on December 17, 18 at 23:13:30:

I almost spit my coffee all over my ipad this morning reading your reply... Hahahahaha…

"Whaaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaaa! A post not flattering a player on "MY" team that "I" like! And, it's from that guy who posts on "My" blog who doesn't cheer as loudly as "I" do, and sometimes "gasp", criticizes "My" Program and "My" Team's players. I cannot stand for that on "MY" blog!!! Must find a "safe space"..."

Dude, take a chill. Don't have an aneurysm.

All I did was post a video link, relevant to ASU (which should be of interest to any fan), broadcast on the lead-up to probably the most widely watched sporting event in the entire country this week. I know you would rather stick your head in the sand and ignore it because you don't like that it isn't flattering, but you will survive - Probably.

I bet Manny himself is laughing over the video with his friends- getting tweets saying "you finally made Monday Night Football." And, if he saw my post - he is probably laughing over that too. :-)

Manny, if you are out there reading this: Thanks for busting your ass for the program for so long, and trying your best. Thanks for helping the team to beat North Nogales Tech that last 2 years. You were and will always be a TRUE Sun Devil, I am sure of that. Best of luck to you in the future. And, your hurdling was sometimes funny - and other times, it actually worked (but freaked us all out that you might snap your neck). Cheers!

Lastly, Don B., don't be such a baby...

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