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Posted by Devil Wanting More Change on December 20, 18 at 09:25:33:

In Reply to: Recruiting posted by SA Devil on December 19, 18 at 23:25:50: ForksUpInQC,JohnB,Oside Devil,and Dr. Mullet.

So happy when CTG was shown the door (it was clear IMO that there would be nothing but bad defense and mediocrity going forward with him).

Then RA hired his buddy. At the time, I had no real problem with Herm, but the decision smelled fishy.

Remember the reasons RA said he fired Graham though... He put a lot of it on recruiting. So, where are we now on that front? Not saying the class is "bad", but how much better is it than what CTG would deliver.

Overall, I am really happy with Herm (so far). I just wish his personality would have delivered more with the recruiting. I thought it would, but it doesn't appear so. I also thought the facility upgrades (lockers, weight room, jumbotron, etc...) would have an impact, but that appears not to as well.

It is bizarre to me how none of the big time recruits here in AZ give ASU or North Nogales Tech even the slightest sniff. This tells me that something is really broken between the relationship of the coaching staffs and high school coaches...

The biggest ray of sunshine for me on ASU football going into the future is the defensive coaching in general and the offensive line coaching. We have huge upgrades in those areas right now from CRG's reign. Clearly, the technique and performance is improving. I hope, over time, if things keep improving in those areas, we will get better O-Line and D-Line recruits. I think those positions have been our weakest since 1997, and controlling the line of scrimmage has a huge impact on winning...

Has anyone ever seen the anonymous surveys ESPN and Sports Illustrated have done in the past with NBA Executives relative to players and coaches? I wish someone would do a survey like that on a bunch of the big time recruits who left the state over the last several years. What are the reasons why they never ever considered ASU...

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