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Posted by SunDevil4Life on June 16, 19 at 06:37:40:

In Reply to: Personal Opinion! posted by Chandler Devil on June 15, 19 at 16:56:10:

First off, I never said I get bothered by the booms. I was merely asking a question, because there seems to be an unbelievable exuberance over average players.

I was just curious if the excitement about mediocrity is worthy of a boom?? And then you made the point that the previous coaching staff sent out booms when they got a recruit. And, you see where that got them.

Your consistent replies to my original question about, do we boom just a boom? , and the fact you are satisfied with any warm bodybeing able to ďtour the facilities, see Sun Devil Stadium, meet the coaching staff and then commitĒ, shows me why we are a perennial mediocre program.

Let me be clear, I am a long-time diehard Sun Devil. But like a lot of my buddies, I donít predict 9-3 seasons each and every year and then you look at the overall landscape of the program, and see that there are major holes to fill. I love optimism, but I like reality much more

I have said this for years, for YEARS.... when we have 6Ė6 years, or even 7-5 season, two of those wins are usually to teams like Sacramento State, UC Davis, NAU, ( or like this year
Kent state ) etc. ó those are technically practice games, and if you take those out of our win column through the years, we are an absolute sub .500 program. Period.

So, when we boom just to boom, and get all fired up over warm bodies that are coming into the program, I just happen to beg the question..... is that something to get excited about?

Or do we start setting our standards a bit higher. I asked the question, does Ohio State boom when a 2 star and a low ranked three star comes in?? Better yet, letís use a team right now who has had unbelievable recruiting the last 2 to 3 years .. The university of Washington. They have been cleaning up.

And to all of you who throw out names like Tillman, or Adam Archuleta, Jake Plummer, or any of the other low rated, but diamonds in the rough studs who have come through ASU, that is such an ad hominem response. We could go on and on, Carson Wentz went to the small North Dakota State, Tony Romo went to eastern Illinois, Jerry Rice went to Mississippi Valley State, and on and on and on.

I am not talking about building a program on finding the next Jerry Rice, and having an overall team that sucks.

Iím talking about building a program that has studs at all the needed position/ groups, with a little depth and fill-in/back ups that when one major injury say to the D-Line this year, and we are in the tank. Those last couple seasons for Graham, if we would have had guys who couldíve stepped in when major injuries came up, he would still be coaching.

But that is to my whole point, when youíre bringing in a mediocre recruiting class - and I mean specifically for positions of need, youíre going to get smoked.

FOR INSTANCE !!! ó we bring in 3 of the top 20 quarterbacks in all of the NATION !! Our overall recruiting class rank went through the roof because of those pick-ups. But how in the heck does that help your team, when one or two of those guys will end up transferring, and you have a certain rank based upon bringing in a bevy of stud quarterbacks, but you have major holes to fill in other positions. Class rank means jack in that example. What, when you have a thin defensive lne, and one of your studs goes down and you donít have ANY depth? Are you going to put one of your 5 star quarterbacks in the trenches?

I digress. Chandler Devil, I appreciate your exuberance and enthusiasm. Iím sure you are super nice guy and you are a diehard Sun Devil fan.

The main reason I posted the original post is because I have seen the mediocrity for many many years now, and Iíve also seen fans year after year buy into it, get disappointed, and then somehow because itís the right thing to do, , we just get back on the same old mediocre horse and ride it off into what looks like a sunset. I guess it all depends on what your definition of a sunset is ..,,,

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