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Posted by Big Ron on October 20, 19 at 23:56:29:

In Reply to: It is a bad situation this year posted by 80 Devil on October 20, 19 at 20:59:18:

Since we played Utah this week, lets look at its line personnel:

Orlando Umana Jr. OL 6-4 340
Keaton Bills Fr. OL 6-4 313
Braeden Daniels R-Fr. OL 6-4 300
Luke Felix-Fualalo Fr. OL 6-7 310
Nick Ford So. OL 6-5 324
Kyle Lanterman Sr. OL 6-2 305
Sataoa Laumea Fr. OL 6-4 312
Alex Locklear Sr. OL 6-5 330
Johnny Maea Fr. OL 6-4 305
Paul Maile R-Fr. OL 6-2 300
Simi Moala R-Fr. OL 6-7 305
Bamidele Olaseni Jr. OL 6-7 332
Darrin Paulo Sr. OL 6-5 315
Marist Talavou Fr. OL 6-2 320
Paul Toala Sr. OL 6-4 339

You just finished watching this group perform, Did they look "like slugs that can't move their feet"? I listed the Utah DTs in a previous post. All go over 330 lbs and they ran circles around our sub-300 lb linemen. So stop with all your big = slow nonsense.

Also note that even the Utah freshman O-linemen top 300 lbs to start their college careers. This is how you build a line. While most skill positions require a heavy dose of God given talent - speed, balance coordination, vision - linemen require size, natural strength and discipline. (Believe it or not, line play is a cerebral activity for very large men.) Coaching can optimize performance, but it seldom can create what was not there to begin with. Coaching will never make me fast or coordinated, or 6'5".

So ASU has to recruit the basics. Size, natural strength and discipline. Then a good line coach can develop the player's technique. Conditioning develops the strength and flexibility. Practice repetitions ingrains the technique into muscle memory. That's why it usually takes a couple years to fully develop a starting linemen. While you insult young linemen like Lovell and Frias because they are big, I see two 6'6" 310 lb freshmen that are works in progress. They will continue to develop and progress from special teams to offensive starters or good depth players. Its the same path players such as Quinn Bailey took to start late in their ASU careers. But I worry that some of our undersized recruits will never find a home.

As for our 2 starting Sun Imps, I have already posted that both have a lot of upside, especially Henderson. He is still growing in both size and football experience. He did not even play football until halfway through high school. And now he is a 17 year old kid holding his own against defenders that are bigger and older than he is. He should top out at 6'-5 310 or so. That's a good size for a college tackle, especially with his long arms. West is a good athlete but he will probably never be taller than 6'3' and his frame will carry about 300 lbs. That limits him to a center position or maybe a quick guard such as Losoya is currently playing. I'm pretty sure that is why the coaching staff first placed him at center. But center is the toughest position on the line to learn and it was too much too soon for a true freshman. And, make no mistake, the both of them are on the field out on necessity and not because they are ready to compete with Utah DTs - or USC DTs - or - Oregon DTs. They have a lot of growing and learning ahead of them. Next week we will see if they are ready for UCLA because Utah gave every DC in the conference the book on how to attack ASU.

BTW, I am not "bagging" on West. I'm stating that it's a shame that he had to burn a year because of roster deficiencies. I would have prefered to see him starting next year after a year of building good mass and learning technique. Throwing him to the wolves - or Utes - is almost criminal. But that does not reflect on him or his potential.

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