'll weigh in on style

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Posted by B L Z Bubba on October 25, 19 at 12:03:58:

In Reply to: Ugh - these are hideous posted by Lehi Devil on October 24, 19 at 21:13:24:

Personally I thought the white lids, white jerseys and gold pants combo a few weeks ago looked really sharp on TV. I've never been a fan of the flaming trident (Maserati knockoff) logo, however, since we're now stuck with it, it might look better arched across the top of the helmet with some iteration of Sparky on the sides.

I've never liked the all white stuff or any kind of monochromatic look such as the all maroon or those disturbingly hideous banana unis that Marmie broke out. Monochrome is dull at best. I did like the thick checkmark-like designs we had on the front shoulders a few years ago. They were unique and sharp - kind of bad-ass. I also wish we could get rid of all the patches littering the unis and helmets. I wouldn't mind seeing a scripted Arizona State emblazoned across the front of the jerseys above the numbers so that folks would stop mistaking us for our antithesis. The gold numbers should be outlined in thin white on the maroon jerseys and the maroon numbers should be outlined in gold on the white road jerseys. Contrast makes things pop.

I don't like anything about this week's look. We'll look like imposters. Reminds me of a time when I was a kid and, for one horrible week, they substituted a new Wallace & a new Ladmo to freak all the kids out. It worked, too. The new Wallace was skinny and the new Ladmo was different in a way that I can't remember now. We were told that Gerald's uncle, who supposedly owned the station, had replaced our beloved W & L at Gerald's behest. Gerald said they were going to replace all the cartoons with educational films instead. We were all aghast. Oh, the horra! Does anyone else remember that? I felt the same way when Frank Kush was suddenly and unexpectedly fired.

Anyway, I'm glad we did get rid of the old mismatched mustard-colored helmets and that rather unremarkable sunburst logo. Some change is good. I think it was Darrell Rodgers who got the school to put sparky on the helmets. I think the fans overwhelmingly approved of that move.

The main thing is always football but the hoopla is part of the fun.

Gotta run now. Can't miss the new episode of Queer Eye.

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