Watched the 1st half and turned it off

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Posted by BJDevil on October 26, 19 at 23:25:21:

I counted on ESPN tracker updates from my son to keep tabs while visiting with friends.

While I foresaw this loss, I didn't expect it to be that ugly. I mean, UCLA has historically had ASU's number - especially in Pasadena. And Utah did just kick the hell out of the Devils and bring them back to earth.

But that was a tough first half of football to watch. The defense looked semi-inspired for a while, and then UCLA started looking more like Utah than Utah did last week. 16 and 14 play drives on the ground under Chip Kelly? Who saw THAT coming?

And the PF penalties hearken back to the ugly Erickson era, where they would find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. How did this happen? Young players that can't handle success?

IMO, when ASU had 4th and 1 and elected to punt, that was a huge mistake. They punted, and UCLA scored quickly. That was the beginning of the end, IMO. (Coaches need to figure this out: Go for it on 4th down when it's less than 4 yards. Case in point today: Look at Kansas State. 4th and 6? they went and got it. Oklahoma on 4th and 2? They kicked a FG. KSU won. Chip went for it on 4th too, and they won. Why haven't the analytics guys figured this out yet?)

AND BURN THOSE F**KING "SUSTAINABLE" UNIFORMS. They look stupid, and the concept is stupid. (You want to be sustainable? Don't add a superfluous set of uniforms to show how you're being sustainable and conservative in terms of consumption. Instead, make it your ONLY uniform (and redesign it to look like an ASU uniform - not a Cardinals, 8-bit font reject). Now THAT'S sustainable. Until then, tell the Adidas profiteers/marketers to go f**k themselves (sustainable) with something made of wood (also sustainable).

I don't know what to expect in two weeks anymore. Will the disciplined, tough HE-coached team that went 5-1 show up, or the undisciplined, Erickson-era mess from the last two weeks? If it's not the former, USC is gonna lay the wood (sustainable) to ASU as they're always tougher later in the year (especially November).

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