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Posted by Bubba on October 29, 19 at 09:20:01:

In Reply to: Re: Fair enough posted by L.Devil on October 29, 19 at 00:48:04:

My response wasn't intended to create a suggestion box for our OC. I don't think he has time to read these message boards. It was merely meant to stimulate discussions like this among us fans who would like to understand different strategies better. In business I always preferred to go with the philosophy of, "I'd rather light a candle than curse the darkness". Thank you for responding with your thoughts on the Likens matter. Incidentally, I supported TG until it became obvious to me that his defenses and recruiting were disastrous.

I'm not sure JD had enough time for a deep route to develop against Utah. UCLA was getting pretty good pressure most of the time, too, but we did go deep a few times with some success late. That said, I thought we should have done that more last year when our pass pro was better. However, our previous QB was not very accurate on his long balls last year and those often ended up being wasted plays. It would also help if we didn't have so many drive killing penalties putting us in difficult situations.

Regarding the quick hitters, we did attempt that against Utah a couple of times with nearly disastrous results. I remember two plays that could've/ should've been picked. I did wonder about the 5-wide sets when Utah was loading the box. He didn't have any time to get set. We also need to make sure JD stays healthy because we are thin @ QB. We did use TEs to help out with blocking but we are having issues on both sides of the O line and I don't think we are a 2 TE offense. Perhaps we could roll JD out more often but then again he could be rolling right smack into an oncoming DE or blitzing CB or LB.

Of course I am just an armchair QB but it seems to me that our limitations and miscues are a more of a reflection of our youth, inexperience, lack of depth and size rather than the play calling. That's not to say that Liken's is great. To me it's just hard to judge an offensive coordinator with these dynamics at play. My comments are meant to remind readers that this is a work in progress and to keep these limitations in mind when making judgements. We currently only have 67 scholarship players. Chip Kelly, who most would agree is a decent offensive mind has also had his growing pains as well. I also want to balance out the negative comments of others with some positive ones. It's possible some potential recruits read these boards.

I guess I'm just not ready to send RL packing just yet.

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