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Posted by BJDevil on October 29, 19 at 12:19:55:

In Reply to: This program under Herm.... posted by Slappy on October 28, 19 at 14:54:11:

...is for better or worse, feels different than previous coaching regimes.

Love him or hate him, no ASU head coach has been this much of the center of focus since Frank Kush. Why? He appears to bring a combination of firm but warm professionalism and unique media savvy to the table. As a result, people nationally are paying a little more attention than before. When ASU is mentioned, his name definitely comes up more than past coaching names have. He has brand cachet.

But there's a key word there: "appears". It sounds like some people think it's all a big smokescreen that he's maintained with the help and goodwill of his friends in the press. If it is, and Herm does no better than the last guy in the W-L column, his ride downhill (with an "insincere" label attached) is gonna be pretty fast.

And to be fair, there have been a couple of red flags: 1) Brandon Ruiz unexpectedly leaving the program. (From the outside looking in, that was a true WTF moment.) 2) The last couple of games that were uncharacteristically bad, and not just on the scoreboard. They hearkened back to some recent, uglier times for the Devils.

Personally speaking, I still see the games as a product I buy for fun and won't ever be consumed with it like I was for years post-'96. But after some years of "meh", I belatedly care a little again - and it took a hiring of a guy like Herm Edwards for that to happen.

I see the overall trajectory as pointing upward, and I hope that this team can produce a few, memorable 10+ win seasons (and at least one more trip to the Rose Bowl - or higher??) before returning to ASU's mediocre historical trend in the Pac-10/12 after HE's retirement. (Until ASU gets that elusive Phil Knight sugardaddy and goes all Oregon, ASU football will always be a duke in USC's king-like shadow.)

BTW - On the whole, NFL/CEO model comments by Dr. Crow: IMO, he was just sticking an NFL CEO label on a proven system already in use: Wealth + Positive culture + Defined philosophy/identity. Those are a great foundation of any organization. All it needs is the right strong leader/CEO.

The best college programs are already doing it. Ohio State plugged in a new coach and didn't skip a beat. Post-Alvarez Wisconsin has been strong overall. USC literally has to try hard to fail. And is there a more NFL-like CFB program than Alabama? If they hire another driven coach, they'll roll on.

While these systematic programs need to evolve and not grow stale (Florida State), they can survive a bad head coach hiring or two (Oregon, Florida) and recover quickly by sticking to their defined principles.

Their momentum usually only fails when the stakeholders short-sightedly break down the culture and/or identity in a panic. Nebraska kicking Tom Osbourne's successor to the curb after a 10 win season. It could even be argued that driving off Daryl Rogers after the Kush firing was a similar mistake.

Back to today.. Under HE, he "appears" to be installing even more of a positive culture (like Graham) and a clear philosophy/identity (play tough and disciplined, win or lose on our terms). The only missing ingredient still missing is the wealth.

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