The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

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Posted by Big Ron on November 10, 19 at 11:17:00:

The Good -
* Hey everybody, Brandon Aiyuk put on one heck of a show on returns and it has pretty much gone unnoticed on the board. How good was he? The mighty Trojans were kicking grounders and punting out of bounds by the 2nd half. Given more chances, Aiyuk might have compiled more return yards than the ASU offense.
For all the pro scouts in attendance, that name is spelled A-I-Y-U-K. Make sure you get it right on Draft day.

* Joey Yellen - Before yesterday, the last game this kid started was in High school. You did good, kid. Good arm. Accurate deep balls. Good decision making. Kept your cool. I am looking forward to a Yellen with a bit more game time experience.

The Bad.
* Jack Jones had the speed to catch the USC receiver, but not the brains to tackle him. Instead he went for the strip, fell off, and the WR went another 23 yards for a TD. When you are the last defender, do not get cute. Just tackle the guy. That TD proved to be the margin of victory and added to the ASU early game chaos.

* A TE dropped a critical pass. BOTH deep cover safeties take the same shallow angle and end up chasing the USC WR who scored yet another long TD pass. I wonder if we lost this game on the practice field.
You play like you practice. Much of football prowess is a factor of repetition. How often do we throw to TEs? So I wonder how often we practice throwing to TEs? Should Hudson have caught that pass? Of course. But if he is only targeted a few times all season, how many times has he run that deep pass route in practice?
You play like you practice part 2. After the ASU deep cover saw the WR break behind the DB, they took what looked like a practice speed angle to then WR. But the USC receiver is fast and was running at game speed. By the time ASU deep cover converged where they thought he would be, he was a couple yards deeper. After a clean catch, he was on his way with 3 ASU defenders trailing.

The Ugly.
* The Kearse-Thomas INT and touchdown could/should have been allowed. USC WR Drake London ran a rub route. KKT reacted as a LB fighting off a blocker. He then instinctively filled the area he knew that the blocker was trying to protect. The PAC officials should have called offensive pass interference on London and allowed the INT and the TD. But by conference protocol, the replay booth will seldom overrule a field judgement call, even if it is wrong.

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