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Posted by PhiDevil on November 17, 19 at 14:17:15:

Good coaches sign extensions and get pay raises. Bad coaches get fired. Good coaches make the Hall of Fame. Bad coaches draw unemployment.

Right now, and for the last couple of decades ASU has had BAD Coaches. Yesterday, and all year, has been an an example of bad coaching. Look at our wins, and who we have beaten. Cal...bad, Michigan State...bad. The first two wins...patsies. If you don't win, you don't get good recruits, and you don't get good coaches unless their careers are over and they are just padding their bank accounts.

Yesterday, and all year actually, we have had Bad Coaching. The kids aren't properly game prepared, not taught good techniques or route running, or SELF DISCIPLINE. Is it fair to recruit kids to ASU, promise them the world, and then fail them by who they have teaching/coaching them? I am sure Herm is a "nice guy", but to this day, he is NOT a good coach, and really never was. He sure didn't light the world on fire in the pros. We talk about getting good you really think that any "good" recruits look at ASU and say "I really want to go there because the coaches are really good and will prepare me for the next level"? I think not.

Sorry for ranting, but last night was the last straw for me. Our coaching staff from top to bottom is terrible...... For a team to be 9 games into the season and play a team like Oregon State and crap the bed AGAIN, by committing 1st game mistakes over and over is inexcusable. It isn't fair to the PLAYERS first, and to US fans either. I feel sorry for the players THEY deserve better. GO DEVILS!!!

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