2 pt Story!! Long, But (hopefully) Worth It

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Posted by Redding Devil on November 19, 19 at 12:27:45:

Everyone on this board has their own thoughts on what we should or should not have done after scoring the last TD on Saturday. Reading all the opinions reminded me of a high school game up here in Redding, back in 2006 or 07. Back then I never missed a game at Foothill. Six of my grandkids have graduated from FHS (3 oldest all played football) and we have twins (beautiful young ladies) who are juniors, attending now and active in Tennis, Volleyball and Track.

It was in early October and Foothill and Paradise (the town that lost nearly everything in the Carr fire last year) were both undefeated and loaded with talent. It was a home game for us and over 6,000 fans showed up (largest crowd ever up here). Seating capacity is around 3,500 (total both stands) so fans were standing all the way around the field at the short fencing near the track oval that encompasses the playing field. With no time left in the game and the score at 28-21 Paradise, Foothill scored to make it 28-27. I was standing, with many of the players dads, at the very top of the stadium, against the the back aisle railings. The scene was the most exciting I can ever recall in ANY sport I had ever attended. It was also the loudest 2 minutes of excitement!! The extra point team went out to attempt to tie the game and the kicker picked up the tee and threw it to the sideline. Coach Hamilton called a time out and met with the players who convinced him to go for 2. The dads around me were livid. "You only do this if you're the road team" - - - "stupid decision" - - - "he's lost it man" and a host of expletives inappropriate for the board. I'm thinking "hey - he loves his kids and trusts that they can win it". Hamilton took his clipboard and drew up a play they had never run before. Now Foothill had identical twin brothers (the Johnston's) Cole the qb and Kyle a slotback who still own the best 40 times in northern ca and as they approached the LOS it looked like Cole was set up to run to the left (wide) side as Hamilton had all his "beef" to the left and his wide outs as well. Kyle was in the slot on the left side. The snap went to Cole and he was flying left, pitched to Kyle going right. No one stayed home for Paradise and Kyle walked in to give us the win.

Now, what do you think the dad's comments were?? "Gutsy", "the kids won it", "good play call" "great win". Give me a friggin break. Hindsight is always spot on!! I share this story to highlight how all of us act and react to game situations. It's fun stuff, but let's continue to support the team and coaches while still voicing our opinions! Nuff said!!

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