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Posted by Redding Devil on December 01, 19 at 17:27:37:

At my age, everything is ''seasoned", but still wanted to share a few things about our 2019 Sun Devil Football season with all of you - - - my fellow board member brothers (and sisters):

1) It's not unusual to lose games you think you will win or win games you think you will lose. Some of that is simply the way teams match up. The old explanation was: Team A beats Team B, 42 -17. Team B beats Team C, 35 - 14. Team C should lose to Team A, but Team C beats Team A 27 - 21. The things that cause the supposed upset are: aforementioned matchups, overconfidence, injuries, mental and physical mistakes, play calling, officiating (especially in our PAC-12), coaching, weather conditions, home field advantage and team maturity (the fact that many of the players are still teenagers) to name just a few.

2) I had high hopes to see us win 8 games and if we get a bowl victory, that will happen. I think most of you would have been thrilled to know (before we even had a kick-off) that we would beat Oregon and ua in the same season and at home in front of a raucous group of Devil fans. We shoulda/coulda beat Colorado and OSU, but see Item 1 above.

3) Everyone had/has an opinion about Herm Edwards and his staff: He's too old, hires his buddies, out of the system too long, et.al. In my mind, age is rarely a factor in coaching, especially at the high school and college level. Back in 2007, I was 70 years old and coaching my last game of middle school baseball (9 years at the school). I had 4 coaches working with me, all in their early 40's. Our team was 17-2 and playing for the city championship. My grandson pitched that game and we won 5 - 2. In 9 years I never had a parent or player problem (okay, one problem with a dad, but his wife scorched him for it, so I won). I loved the decision to hire Herm. He epitomizes what is best in a man. I believe the players also love and respect him and as he continues to develop the program, we all want, it will become obvious he was the right man, at the right time for the right job (see item 4).

4) I have seen 1 game in person (UCLA with my son) and 3 on the tube. Those of you who have watched the TV broadcasts have surely noticed the love Herm Edwards gets by the crew, before, during and after the games. If you are a high school kid, watching one of these games, it has to make an impression on you and I'm anxious to see the talent we start to draw over the next few years, because of this good man.

5) Last thought - - - what Bowl game are we going to get - - - or - - - what Bowl would you like to (realistically) play in??

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