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Posted by Don B. on December 13, 19 at 15:34:58:

- ASU has always had outstanding skill people and usually understood how to use them. In discussing the best 100 NFL Players of all time, Belichik commented that Mike Haynes came to ASU as a wide receiver but there was a problem because John Jefferson was already there. But it was only after we recruited great linemen that we were able to have good success.
- A player has to look out for their own best interests. An injury can mean the difference between being set for life or not. But it is really hard to see a leader, a captain, sit out a game. Contrary to the comments by most, these games do mean something. They contribute to the prestige, the reputation and recruiting power of the school and even the conference. Going up against a school from the South like Florida State especially. I don't know that it has been announced that Eno will sit out the Sun Bowl. If he does, I understand but that is disappointing.
- Zak Hill, if hired as OC, will open up the offense as much as he is allowed to do so. He also will soon be offered a Head coaching job somewhere.
- I expect to see Calais Campbell have some role with the team soon.
- I am excited at the prospect of all the offensive firepower we are recruiting but I still wonder, "Where's the beef?"
- It would be great if when kids gave an oral commitment they kept it and when the schools offered a scholarship they always honored it but we are dealing with 16, 17, 18 year old kids that change their minds every few minutes and a bunch of coaches that are skilled in making them do just that. Also, circumstances change all the time so some attrition each way is expected. If it happens too often, though, the coaches lose all credibility.
- ASU football games used to be a community event. Restaurants would have special offers for customers to come, eat and take a bus to the game. ASU would make tickets available for kids at greatly reduced prices so that kids would attend most games. Now, ASU seems to be going out of its way to make it harder and not as enjoyable to attend the games.
- Until ASU gives Arizona kids a reason to want to be Sun Devils, we are going to have a hard time keeping the best of the State. How do we do this? How do we make them lifelong fans. The first thing is obvious. Win. Everyone loves a winner, except for the people they beat. Second, give them a reason to be emotionally involved. Get them to the games somehow. Third, have workshops with kids all over the Valley and State. Have players and coaches there to show kids fundamentals. Start with kids in Pop Warner. Fourth, Have fan days for the fans with contact with the players. When you know someone or have met someone on the team, you bond with the team. It won't happen overnight and maybe it is too late. We may have lost too much traction and momentum.
- Too many traditions are falling by the wayside. A few years ago, we began a ring of honor where we honored the best of the best. Danny White, Woody Green, Mike Haynes, John Jefferson, Junior Ah You, All Harris, Ron Pritchard, Curly Culp, John Henry Johnson, Whizzer White, Bob Bruenig, etc. What happened to it and why has it fizzled out? We certainly have more deserving candidates!
- The Team looked absolutely outstanding for the uofa game. Gold Helmets with Sparky on the side, maroon jerseys and gold pants. That is how the Sun Devils should look. That should be the rule, not the exception.

These are just a few things I wanted to get off my chest. Thanks for "listening." Shutting up now (temporarily).

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