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Posted by Baseball Devil on December 31, 19 at 05:12:13:

In Reply to: EXACTLY! HA! another example of weasling out posted by davendevil on December 30, 19 at 18:56:35:

I posted about this a few weeks back. Part of it was just timing/coincidence. If the Orange Bowl has been a CFP semi final game this year thereís no way the ACC gets two teams in NY6 bowls this year...Clemson would have just played in the Orange Bowl. The Pac 12 got double screwed this year w no CFP team and the Rose Bowl not being a CFP semi final game this year.

But a big part of this is the P12s own doing. L Scott and the league presidents refuse to go to an 8 game conf schedule. I guess bc theyíre afraid that there wonít be enough content for P12 network (one less conf game for everyone equals one more week of games vs FCS, Mtn West, etc teams along w the lower ratings those games bring).

My argument to that is, who cares, nobody is watching and many of those of us who want to canít because they absolutely screwed up the network model by keeping it in house. So who cares if a conference game is eliminated? It might make for a few less tickets sold but it also might help the conference have two or three teams in the hunt for the CFP towards the end of each season. And at worst, youíll get two teams in the NY6 each year.

I live in an SEC city. The P12 is a complete afterthought here. Nobody watches our games and nobody cares. The only school that moves the needle at all out here is USC when they are good.

The 9 am start time is honestly not a horrible idea if those games are played at Utah or Colorado or at ASU or U of A after the rest of the country switches back from daylight savings (would be a 10 am local start). That gets conf games in front of the rest of the country when their eyes are wide open instead of when they are falling asleep at 10:30 pm. Try 2 games like that next year and keep adding two per year until itís not effective ratings wise.

The other thing the conference has to do is fix the bowl alignments. L Scott made a big deal about adding the Alamo Bowl. While this was a good addition it should not be where the second place team from the conf goes to play their bowl game. It sets the conference up for failure bc we are always matched up with a Big 12 team that finished lower in their conf standings. So if P12 team wins they were supposed to and if they lose it promotes the national narrative that the P12 is weak. Thatís not necessarily true but perception is reality.

The conference must work with the Rams, Raiders and the city of San Diego. And on top of that the Rose Bowl needs a major renovation. Yes the setting is great but the stadium itself is a complete dump. Here is what I propose to tighten up our bowl alignments:

1. Conf champ to Rose Bowl unless Rose Bowl is part of CFP rotation in a particular year and no P12 team is chosen for CFP.

2. Make the Las Vegas Bowl a New Years Day game on par with the Outback and Citrus Bowls in prestige and payout. Game time should be 9 pm local time in LV so it starts after the Sugar Bowl. Make it a match up of the P12 #3 and the SEC #3. This would pull viewing audience from SEC country and most likely the P12 team would be facing the SEC #4or #5 if you consider that they almost always get three teams in the NY6. With LV being such a popular travel destination especially for something like a New Years Eve celebration this is a no brained.

3. Create a tie in w the Fiesta Bowl or Cotton Bowl. It could be something obscure like when the P12 does not have a rep in the CFP the Fiesta or Cotton must take the P12 number two if it is ranked in the final CFP top 15. That ensures a team like Utah still gets a spot in the NY6 like they deserved this year.

4. Bring the Freedom Bowl back to So Cal and play in the Rams new stadium. Play the game the Saturday before New Years Day and start it at 6 pm local time. Make payout the largest of the non NY6 or New Yearís Day bowls. P12 #4 or 5 plays in this one.

5. Holiday Bowl played either in Petco Park or in new SDSU stadium. Play on Thurs night before New Yearís Day in prime time. P12 #5 or 6.

6. Alamo Bowl. P12 #6 or 7

7. Sun Bowl. P12 #7 or 8

8. Cheez It Bowl. P12 #8 or 9

9. Foster Farms Bowl. P12 #9 or 10

If the conference can set up something close to that it would be a huge improvement as far as bowl payouts and exposure. Right now w no CFP teams the conference is an afterthought on New Years Day other than the Rose Bowl. I donít think any of this will happen under LS. He needs to be sent packing and bring in an actual football, b-ball, baseball guy. The Olympic sport success of the p12 is nice and all but in reality nobody cares about that.

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