Is it our time? What's different now?

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Posted by DC DEVIL on January 01, 20 at 13:53:07:

30 year ASU Alum and true fan.

I'll take 8-5 because thats a good season for ASU generally speaking over the last 30 years. Lost a few we could have won, won a few that most thought we'd lose. All in all it was a good season with a very young team. We had some questionable coaching in a couple spots and that now appears to be fixed for the most part going into 2020. I think what we can confirm after the Sun Bowl is that these guys don't quit and have the right spirit, attitude, and edge. Partly leadership, partly the character of the players coming in. Thats big. It looks like we have some truly elite players on the team and I see a few more coming in next year. That's big. We need more though. (OL/DL - lets get huge finally. We have anyone recruiting midwest farm areas?)

The university is doing tremendous things on several fronts. Truly one of the best universities in the county when everything is considered. The athletic program and facilities now appear to be tier 1 finally. Tempe is a fantastic and beautiful college town with everything anyone could want. All of this is needed to take the next step.

With all of this I am sitting here watching games today on Jan 1. There are some real tier 1 programs on the field and I have that same old feeling and question that many ASU fans have had for years - "why not us"? After 30 years I see why it couldn't really happen before. ASU was not ready for it. The foundation that is needed to build a true sustainable tier 1 program was not in place. What we did/do have though is a winning legacy from Kush years. That actually is big and important to have. It shows it can happen here. The Sleeping many times have we shook him to finally get him up?

After 30 years, I am cautiously optimistic based on the foundation now being in place and MAYBE a system under CHE and Anderson that will build into a perennial winner and powerhouse again. That is if the key people stay in place and are actually all in for the long run. If they do stay and commit to building this then maybe we are finally back after nearly 40 years.

I want to win it all. I am tired of being an average tier 2 program who says what I said at the opening of this post - "I'll take 8-5". Soooo many fits and starts over the past 30-40 years. 2-3 decent years followed by 2-3 downward spiral years. "Next Year" - I am tired of that also. I understand it now though.

There are many programs who will never get to be Tier 1, they just don't have what it takes in all the areas that are needed to get there. We do. No question. Will we get there? Do we have the plan that will work? Will the key people stay the course and build it?

After 30 years, this is the best position I have seen the program including 1996-97 due to there being a system and plan in place. Will (not can) ASU get there and become a true powerhouse again? That is the question.

Fight for the Old Maroon!

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