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Posted by Big Ron on January 07, 20 at 21:49:11:

In Reply to: Re: Name names & explain why 290 is big enough for P5 posted by cudevil on January 07, 20 at 10:00:36:

“ Technique and leverage matter. Arm length matters. Strength matters. I'll take a dude that is 280-290, with long arms, functional strength, and good technique over 300+ any day of the week.”

You must be a terrific litigator.

At first read, your argument seems plausible. But then one starts to think about your statement. Size and technique are not mutually exclusive. Besides, you line contains a compact 6-3 Cote and a 6-4 West. Not exactly a good representation of your statement.

Plus ALL P5 linemen are well coached. All develop proper technique, all are strong. But the top teams have bigger, stronger, more athletic linemen. That is how a team breaks through from average to becoming conference champs. Or National champs. Alabama or LSU does not reject a lineman because he is naturally big. They take that 300+ pound player and coach him, strengthen him and refine his technique.

So let’s look at your line.

Diesch never started a game for TAMU. Does that mean that he lacked coaching, technique or strength to beat out the other TAMU linemen? But somehow he will start at LT here? Is that an upgrade? My guess is that Henderson stays at LT for 4 years. His doctor predicted that Henderson would grow at least an inch and top out well over 300 lbs. Plus he has a giant wingspan. He is a natural born LT still physically developing.

Hattis is an experienced OG and would be a good addition - if we get him. The left side “quick guard” seems to be his natural position. He would be a legitimate starter and an upgrade to Losoya.

Cote might be the strongest lineman on the team, but he is a compact player with slow footwork and short arms. He is another lineman that has not been able to beat out others to start. His opportunity came about via attrition. There were no sophomores or juniors to compete with him. He would be a liability at center because he will often miss blitzing LBs and does not have the speed to block on the second level. Compared to Cabral, Cote is not an upgrade.

West will remain too small to play in the dive hole. Even when he did everything right, he was too small to dig a big NT out of the A gap. It’s not his fault that he is giving up 40 lbs to big, strong, well coached NTs but that is the reality of P5 football. Like Henderson, West’s best football is ahead of him. But at RG that means, in 2020, skinny holes for our inexperienced RBs to find.

So basically, the line is getting a bit smaller with Miller and Helmsley departing. The left side looks to improve with a bigger stronger Henderson and Hattis (if we get him). The right side looks to show no or little improvement. The center will be a downgrade from Cabral. And there will be no experienced depth player like Hensley to plug in as needed.

Maybe one or two of the existing roster players will bloom over the off season. There seems to be some raw talent there.

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