Check back with me in 2 weeks

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Posted by SunDevil4Life on March 25, 20 at 20:46:21:

In Reply to: Re: Typical response posted by devilinside on March 25, 20 at 18:26:38:

and letís see if hospitals are completely overwhelmed as YOU state.

I am not a protagonist and have no idea what zerohedge is . Not sure I had ever heard of the website before I read the article. But the dude that wrote the article knows his shit.

If youíre looking to see whether a story is true or not and based upon the site, wherever you are getting your information, like CNN and other left wing website who hate trump, and who are literally banking on this thing lasting as long as possible, there is not enough space on this blog site to fill and discredit them and all the freaking lies that CNN has told about, Russia, Russia, Russia, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment and all the other bullshit that they spew. They donít retract anything, and the only reason theyíre not banned from Twitter, is Twitter is freaking left as well and in the tank as well.

But I digress, and the article was originally on took that article down because it didnít fit the left narrative. Zero hedge picked it up. I have no idea again, with zero hedge is about, I read this article for the first time and this guy is credible. His numbers are credible and his graphs are credible and he makes sense., End of story.

Go ahead and hate on orange man, and check back in in 2 weeks and see if we are falling off a cliff like the left hopes, and the main stream media wants us all to believe.

One the meantime, READ THE DARN ARTICLE

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