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Posted by Gilbert_Sundevil on April 01, 20 at 16:21:53:

In Reply to: The issue is... posted by cudevil on April 01, 20 at 15:34:06:

In other parts of the presser, they used the phrases "up to" and "as many as". In my mind, clearly indicating the 100-200K number was likely the outlier upper boundary. And all this is speculation based on models that are hardly worth the Ones and Zeros they're made of.

This thing is too new and there's not enough solid data to be definitive about any of this. In cases of the unknown threat, the tendency is almost always toward the "sky is falling" scenario so people can practice CYA. That's where the incentives align.

If I say 200 and we come in at 50, I'm either a hero or forgotten. If I say 50 and we come in at 75, folks with torches and pitchforks will haul me to the town square and have me drawn and quartered.

Pessimism is strong in our DNA.
-Global Cooling will cause the next Ice Age.
-Overpopulation and mass starvation in the near future.
-We'll run out of oil in the next decade.
-Acid rain will kill all the fish.
-The hole in the Ozone will burn us all to a crisp.
-Eggs are bad for you. No wait, eggs are good for you. Hold on, I think eggs are bad for you again.
-If your guy/gal gets elected, it's the end of our country as we know it.
-2 million deaths in the UK from the CommieCough. Oh wait, nevermind. 20K.

All chicken-little, hyperbolic crap that I've heard from "experts" just in my lifetime. And that's just a short list off the top of my head.

Pardon my skepticism when the next doomsdayer comes around to tell me of the apocalypse and wants to take away my liberty in order to avoid whatever next big thing is headed my way.

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