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Posted by SunDevil4Life on April 25, 20 at 06:11:06:

In Reply to: OK PRICK... posted by RJDevil on April 23, 20 at 15:20:00:

Hey Richard, why do question my motives ? What is so strange about me calling complete B.S. on a quote that was never said ?

Iím not an apologist for Tom Osbourne, but for truth. If Tom Osbourne was guilty of anything it would have been underplaying his team while discussing an upcoming game , and flattering the crap out of his opponent.

This quote is what you think you heard, somewhere, from someone, not sure, but remember, kind of, blah, blah, blah. Here is your fake quote :

"You guys made a mistake inviting us out here. We play a different brand of football than you do."

First off, that is the dorkiest quote Iíve ever heard. Only a complete moron and goofball would say that. Even if it was hubris or arrogant, I canít even see Jimmy Johnson at Miami making a dorky comment like that. And I take back saying Barry Switzer might say that. He was arrogant, but not goofball goofy like the way you ďrecallĒ. (I could see Mr.T or Hulk Hogan saying that IF they were head football coaches)

Secondly, and more importantly, you wouldnít have to try and remember a quote like that because it would have dashed across all the headlines so far and wide it would make your head spin. You could google a flamethrower comment like that and it would show up. Not there.

Bottom line, didnít happen. But I do believe you kind of think it happened. Kind of, maybe, think I heard something like that said, back in the day, rumor has it, as the story of lore goes, etc. , etc.

Fake News BJ.

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