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Posted by devilinside on April 25, 20 at 18:41:25:

In Reply to: You seem to be missing the point posted by mDEVIL! on April 25, 20 at 14:46:26:

Currently, the death rate is running at about 5 percent in the US of confirmed cases of covid....a bit more then you stated.

Currently, both South Korea and China are reporting cases of goes immunity.

Sweden went the herd route. We will see how that experiment goes.

My point all along has never been we need to be locked up in our homes forever. The point of all this was to give the medical types time to catch up and not be overwhelmed. The curve hasn't flattened we continue to sit indoors.

At the rate of the curves in places like California I figure people will begin to start coming out mid may to early june there. By then hospitals and caregivers will have a handle on the new cases that come from us rejoining the world.

Which was the point of us all sitting at home twiddling our thumbs. But the world will be different then when we went in. And we will have to adapt to that.

I have long said (more to my friends and family then here) that we should be prudent...but not paranoid. Making smart decisions in the middle of a pandemic means not climbing on an airplane or go on a cruise. Avoiding mass gatherings like movie theaters and certainly sporting events. Ultimately all those things are going to open up again...and I for one would like it to be sooner rather then later.

And the way to that is to wait this we have been. The rush to open up...I'm looking at you Georgia...will backfire and set us back.

The last thing any of us want.

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