FOOTBALL in the FALL - The possible Answer

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Posted by SunDevil4Life on April 26, 20 at 18:05:38:

In Reply to: Pondering the future posted by Oldtimer on April 26, 20 at 16:20:02:

As well as putting our small businesses back to work, getting everyone safely back to work, and getting our economy back on track.

The doctors in this video I am attaching are working on the front lines every day, in the ER and in their medical practice. They conducted a press conference 2 days ago and their video has been viewed 3.5 Million times, with 1 million views coming in just the last 4-5 hours.

They bring a very SCIENTIFIC and DATA driven approach to opening up the economy, showing data they now have that wasn't available 4-6 weeks ago.

They discuss the long-term negative effects on our personal health and the healthcare system from sheltering in place for healthy folks, kids, etc. and why a "sanitized" and avoidance environment is lowering all of our immunity, making it much more risky for us all when things open back up. And, how herd immunity is the quickest way to keep people healthy and safe. (try not to judge before watching because they lay this out beautifully and it makes such common sense)

They discuss the ACTUAL death rate data in relation to the ACTUAL positive test data compared to how many people have been tested. This part of the video is sooooo eye-opening and has helped alleviate a lot of misconception and worry about how severe or not-severe Covid is to other corona-viruses we have had, and even compared to the seasonal flu infection and death rates.

This is a must watch and a must share with those you love and care about. It is literally that powerful.

Not a short video, about 50 min, but it is chocked full of SCIENCE and NEW DATA, and the Dr.'s presenting are super smart, well spoken and humble in their presentation. GIVE IT 10-15 MINUTES, and I'm guessing you will WANT to watch the rest of the video.

Lastly, this video is non-political. It is just straight up science and data and medical experience from 2 EXPERTS.

And, I hope that the NCAA and the powers that be, the AD's out there and university presidents all watch this. It is that powerful and could be game changing for us all.

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