Pandemics happen...

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Posted by Lehi Devil on May 11, 20 at 09:59:55:

In Reply to: Re: Incompetent US Leaders posted by Sutteyo on May 11, 20 at 09:29:37:

Cover ups are something new. Communist China deserves to be made an international pariah over their actions. They disappeared doctors reporting a new respiratory illness late last year. They knowingly infected the entire planet by refusing to acknowledge the disease to let Lunar New Year celebrations go on. Hoarded up the PPE in January before the firestorm hit. Cutoff internal travel but let everyone else spread the virus. My family and I got a dose of it before the President shut off travel to China (a move that was criticized for being racist at the time as you may recall) and I blame the lying sons of bitches in the CCP and the worthless tools in WHO for it. They caused it to happen, not the President.

If you want to blame the President for botching the US response to the Communist Chinese caused crisis, then you get your chance to give him his report card in November at the ballot box. Isn't that awesome? I bet plenty of Chinese would love to have the same option to give Xi his report card. Currently their options are to either shut their traps or get a 7.62mm hole in the head.

All right I'm done. I don't buy in to Team Blue vs. Team Red, Fox vs. CNN, Orange Man Bad vs. the Resistance or any of that crap. It's pretty clear who our real enemies are, and they are NOT fellow Americans.

Stay safe and healthy and GO DEVILS!!

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