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Posted by BJDevil on May 13, 20 at 00:46:36:

In Reply to: We're going to need some ground rules..(READ THIS) posted by L.Devil on May 11, 20 at 21:08:26:

Constructive comments on COVID-19 are difficult, and separating leaders from politics is REALLY difficult, but I'll give it a shot. :)

On China is an authoritarian regime that can only survive through lies. Like the former Soviet Union that spawned it, they lie so much that it defines who they are. (Current Russian is doing the same thing, and Russia is now #2 on the positive COVID case count in the world.) It should be no surprise that their actions led to the state of the world we face today. No matter how much some may hate the president and his politics, we as Americans are all very lucky to not be living in one of those countries right now - with all the disinformation, propaganda and outright oppression that those citizens have to weed through.

With that said, perhaps President Trump's greatest asset - salesmanship - is his greatest weakness during this crisis.

As citizens, we want the government to give us clear, unfiltered facts to make good decisions. But that's not the president's style. The president's bread-and-butter communication style - patronizing white lies like "Our vaccines are gonna be great." "These tests are available to anyone." - doesn't work during a crisis. It leads to serious cognitive dissonance, frustration and eventually anger. That's just who he is, so we have to hope we can get the information we need elsewhere.

More importantly - and my wife and I figured this out during a long walk - we figured out why President Trump says some of the things he says. When he goes up to a podium and leaves his scripted statements, he slips into "brainstorming mode". Since the #1 rule to brainstorming is that there's no such thing as a bad idea during brainstorming, what he's just throwing out there (usually stuff he's seen on cable news or Twitter), it's not setting national policy.

If you go back and watch the way he's talking when he says the controversial stuff like considering bleach or sunlight as treatment options, and how he occasionally turns to an advisor as if they are supposed to respond (but won't because they're stunned), it even sounds like a brainstorming session.

So remember - When the president is saying off-the cuff stuff like looking into bleach/sunlight/malarial-drugs for COVID, put on your "brainstorming" lenses before taking it too seriously. (It's kind of a bad habit to brainstorm at the president's podium, but that's another discussion.)

(This is not an indictment of his presidency. It's just who he is. :))

And I'm glad that the rate of new infections in the country appear to be leveling off a bit. Hopefully we've see the worst of it for now.

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