I will not research 40 players, but I will respond

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Posted by Big Ron on June 09, 20 at 12:25:29:

In Reply to: Question for you Big Ron posted by 80 Devil on June 09, 20 at 10:16:21:

First, I never accused Edward of running off any players. But changes in coaching leads to changes in offense and defense schemes. That often leaves legacy squad members at a disadvantage because they were recruited to fit a different scheme, position or technique. I have always felt that hiring a new Head Coach is at least a 7 year school commitment. It takes that long for a program to stabilize the staff and systems and then to fill the roster with suitable players. My only concern about the Edwards hiring was that I see it as an ASU commitment to retain his services until he is at least 72.

The only way to realistically discuss hundreds of players in the Transfer Portal is to identify trends. Even within the ASU subset, there are talented kids that got a new start, 3-stars that never developed or the system change away from their capabilities - and some kids there were recruited at-risk in the first place.

The D-line is a perfect example. I think every D-linemen has had a different line coach every year of his ASU career. Different formations, different techniques, new coaching personalities. Each new coach recruits his own players. Therefore, for legacy DLs, every season becomes a new beginning. Why not try another school that invites them to play, especially if it is for an ex-Sun Devil coach that originally helped recruit him? The player has more of a relationship with that coach than with the ASU new hire.

As for transfer player success, I am going to irritate you with more generalities. Good players start, average players contribute and the remaining do not improve by simply changing their address. There was never a doubt that Brady White was a good QB. He followed Norvell to Memphis and both Norvell and White had great Tiger careers. Barnett had a good career at USF when he was healthy. Perkins became a legend at Virginia. Ralston was conference Honorable Mention as a Ragin Cajun. Sleep-Dalton was first string. Here come another generality - There is more risk recruiting 3 star players than 4/5 star players. Many 3 star recruits never develop as they or the coaching staff had hoped. The new Transfer Portal gives these kids a chance to find programs more suited to where they leveled off. That is why many of the P5 transfers end up in G5 programs. But nobody guarantees that these transfer kids are more talented than the competition that they will face on their new team. Plus they end up facing the same new system/technique/coaching relationship to overcome and only a year to to that.

Finally, I stand by my comment on ASU watering down its football into a generic program. Sun Devil Stadium is no longer an iconic venue. The training facilities do not make the Top 10 list. And the fan/player experience is clearly not what Sleep-Dalton experienced at Iowa. I have family and friends that are Michigan alumni. They talk about the community excitement and tailgating starting on Thursdays for Saturday games. ASU is a nice school, but it does very little to build such strong community relations. Therefore, for recruits, there is less reason to sign and less reason to stay. The new Transfer Portal now gives them options.

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