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Posted by B L Z Bubba on June 16, 20 at 15:11:53:

In Reply to: Re: What? posted by ButterBall Devil on June 16, 20 at 13:31:18:

I can see how you arrived at your conclusion. Here is my take.

This AZDHS website is rather confusing. There are 12 links represented by red circular symbols. You apparently went to the "hospitalization" link and stopped there. This does indeed state that there was just 1 hospitalization yesterday. This made no sense to me so I looked further.

But when I go the the last link labeled, "Hospital COVID-19 Specific Metrics" under the graph sub heading, "Number of positive or suspected covid-19 inpatients" it states that yesterday there were 1506 inpatients vs 1449 the day before, That is an increase of 57, which is presumably the net amount after discharges (136) or a total of 193 new inpatients. (Incidentally the numbers on this page agree with the newspaper's reporting.) How does this comport with just 1 new hospitalization? That is anybody's guess.

Is it reasonable to think that with the massive increases (tripling, quadrupling) of cases recently that there would only be 1 new hospitalization yesterday? That defies logic. Then, if you click on the "feedback and support" button on the right there are a number of comments relating to the lack of clarity on the site relative to hospitalizations.

I won't try to explain the discrepancy in the site's ostensibly differing hospitalization reporting numbers. It does seem obvious based on the number of recent new positives alone that virus transmission is getting worse - much worse. The percentage of positives is also increasing dramatically as well. It is also reasonable to deduce that more cases today means more transmission tomorrow, etc., etc, sans any kind of effective interdiction such as another shutdown, effective contact tracing, or an inoculation. If anything, businesses are opening up even more. The bars are crowded and nobody there wears masks. Furthermore, the protests are likely super-spreader events that will compound the problem. Incubation, I've read is 2 weeks. Even the governor acknowledges that the statistics are getting worse.

I just don't see how things are getting better. I wish they were. I want to watch college football. It just seems like its a matter of time before players start getting sick based on all the contact necessary to play the game. I also don't understand the stock market performance recently given the horrendous economic fallout. Even the stocks of bankrupt companies are rising beyond reason. Maybe I'm just a dummkoph.

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