Your Problem - you read propaganda

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Posted by davendevil on June 17, 20 at 09:35:08:

In Reply to: What are you smoking????? posted by Chandler Devil on June 17, 20 at 08:07:43:

You read propaganda and follow others opinions. You can't think for yourself but need to ride the coat tail of opinion from others and rely on government controlling you and others. There are many physicians with your belief that there is an exception health-wise for these riots. They can't be consistent with their own guidelines. Everything is about propaganda and I'm quite tired of it and will fight it non-stop.

There are plenty of medical professionals that counter your claims and the newspaper propaganda you source. I know them personally including family that work in the hospitals as ER nurses and ER physicians.

I look at data and avoid the so called "news". My favorite source is which pulls data from state sources as well as John Hopkins.

You're despise of others not wearing mask is purely pre-judice. I take your comment with great despise - back atchya. It is hard for me to not think that vast of people are suckers for panic and government control. However, I understand that there are those who have health conditions that they need to protect themselves. I'm glad they have the choice to protect themselves and that they do it. There is no need to force me a perfectly healthy person to breath in my own carbon that tears down my immune system. I can still maintain 6 feet and observe hygiene personally and publicly.

Some science people say it's not about politics, but they infuse politics by recommending POLICY. Notice the root word there?

If you want to keep going, I will last into weeks and will defend my position non-stop. I'm also fine with agreeing to disagree.

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