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Posted by Sparky43 on June 19, 20 at 11:05:05:

In Reply to: Itís a cartoon character for Christ sake posted by Big Ron on June 18, 20 at 23:50:03:

The family of Robert E. Lee says he is a symbol of racism. The family of Robert E. Lee says statues should come down. He is a traitor and a symbol of racism, plain and simple. The civil war was about slavery, plain and simple. Who cares who served with George Washington, he was a slave owner as well. Who care what words anyone wrote or writes. The only thing that matters in ones actions and deeds. A cartoon symbol at UNLV harmless? I wonder how many cartoon symbols have been used to enforce racism? I just googled it and it is way to many to list, way too many. I cannot wait for the explanation of the kkk, john birch society, massacres in Tulsa, Colfax, Wilmington, Rosewood and jim crow apartheid. You can spit shine state's rights turd all you want, it is still a turd. History and justice are just the construct of the current power base. Nothing last forever. Statues put of after the civil war were not meant to educate, only to intimidate and glorify. Now back to sports, shouldn't UNLV just buy the name and become the Las Vegas Gamblers? It makes WAY too much sense. For a few years now, the University of Mississippi has been trying to change the school mascot name as well (they will, I just hope it is better than 'Land Shark' like they are kicking around now). Gator Bait cheer is gone from University of Florida now, google that one to make the hair on your neck stand up. The only thing constant in the world is change and now it is flying down the track like a freight train, get on board or get out of the way. Either way, it will come.

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