Lee is an interesting story.

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Posted by Big Ron on June 21, 20 at 12:58:50:

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His life is one that sheds much light on nature and the complexity of our nations past. I wish that we had a more appropriate place for such a discussion than L.Devil’s sports site. Maybe a NY Times story summarizing its 1858 correspondence from Lee best sums it up. -

One day in January, a few years before the Civil War, Robert E. Lee wrote to The New York Times, seeking a correction.

The man who would become the top Confederate general was trying to set the record straight about the slaves on his wife’s estate in Virginia, and about the last wishes of a dying slave owner.

He wrote that the people enslaved on his family’s property, in what was then known as Alexandria County, were not “being sold South,” as had been reported. And he implied that he would free them within five years. . . . . “He was not a pro-slavery ideologue,” Eric Foner, a Civil War historian, author and professor of history at Columbia University, said of Lee. “But I think equally important is that, unlike some white southerners, he never spoke out against slavery.”

But the story also notes that in 1862, (while leading the Confederate Army) - “In 1862, in accordance with Mr. Custis’s will, Lee filed a deed of manumission to free the slaves at Arlington House and at two more plantations Mr. Custis had owned, individually naming more than 150 of them.” [I mistakenly posted 4 plantations.]

I am by no means an expert on the Civil War, but I was highly influenced by my HS history teacher that preached that we could never understand our contemporary actions without understanding the Civil War. We are products of both the good and the bad and we must learn from both. At the time of the Civil War, we were a young nation still healing from rebelling against a king. As cultural and economic differences started to emerge, the South felt like it was being controlled by a new king. Lincoln was elected without the benefit of a single Electoral College vote from the 11 southern states. The one of Lincoln’s first actions was to try to conscript the state militias into the new “army of the unified nation”. The southern culture still embraced us as a republic with all the freedoms of choice that entailed.

When I was still young, I remember reading a manuscript of an officer within a state militia. It stated that this newly elected president ordered the officer and others like him to kill friends and neighbors in the name of loyalty to the new Union. The officer said that nobody within his state selected this president. They never wanted to be bridled by a new oppressive overlord. We just finished fighting to the death to be free of one king and now we must to fight to the death to be free of yet another.

Understand, most of the 620,000 soldiers that lost their lives didn’t give a rats ass about slavery. But concepts of freedom are deeply buried in our DNA. Like my history teacher taught, we must honor our good and learn from our bad. Any form of destroying our history destroys our future. All of our citizens’ futures.

I’m sorry I ever started a post about a cartoon mascot.

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