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Posted by EEdevil on July 03, 20 at 23:51:24:

In Reply to: The most depressing 1:40 of my life posted by Big Ron on July 03, 20 at 14:21:05:

Since I was at that game, I don't think I have ever had the chance to watch this as closely as this allows. I could see the Jake dive in the endzone clearly from my spot on that endzone side of the field. As he was nearing the goal line, I thought it wouldn't be bad if he came up short because then we could run more time off the clock. I believe that was a second down play, so we would have had two more downs to punch it in. Of course after it was clear he was going in, I just remember being swept up in the pandemonium that was going on in our section of the stands.

I wasn't mad about the squib kick, but I wish he would have kicked it a lot harder and made it closer to the goal line. I have heard a lot of people complain about a prevent defense. This replay is a pretty clear rebuttal as ASU lines 8-9 guys up at or near the line of scrimmage in most every play. I wish we would have blitzed on at least one of the 3rd down and 10 plays. Germaine wasn't very sharp on most of his passes in this drive. It is not usually this type of inefficient passing that earns you the player of the game, but he would end up with 2 TD passes. One of which Freedman was just a second late in delivering a blow that would split his chin. It appears that the ASU defender is playing off Stanley probably because he had burned us on that 75-yarder earlier in the game. Early in this last drive, the ball was put up in the middle of the field but Freedman was never going to get that pick, because Frightnight was wearing that cast on his hand for the entire second half of the season. I still wonder if Freedman would have been in the game on these obvious passing downs, if Harlan Rashada had been available at the bowl game. He was a much better ball-hawking safety and had both hands available. I will always wonder what he did as a senior that keeps you out of the biggest game of your life! I don't see any confused looks from the ASU defense and Phil Snow looks pretty composed, so I would question the details of that story 05. Just my opinion from this video. I do agree that the defensive line looks tired from working against an offensive line that had some significant talent. My memory is hazy, but did Bernstein or Rogers block the extra point? I remember a block in the game, but I thought it was Rogers on a field goal. One in which he tried to run back but ran out of gas as I remember. Anyway, I know they didn't convert the extra point because we still had a chance to tie with a field goal in the last few seconds of desperation. I think all the pi's are justified, but the hold that Griese (what a homer!) starts whining about is rarely called when hidden by the bodies like it was. He should have dropped the mic at that point and left the press box because his preference is pretty unprofessional in a bowl game! Either that or Al Michaels should have replaced Musburger to give the press box some balance!

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