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Posted by mDEVIL! on July 15, 20 at 14:10:04:

In Reply to: Help me out here... posted by cudevil on July 15, 20 at 12:32:33:

I had not seen that UDub document, and I'm kind of a data junkie.

You are not focusing on my primary points, which were more about the high risk taking responsibility for protecting themselves, and educating others on risks & mitigation, but letting them live their lives using their own judgement, including college athletes.

Rather, you just focus on the issue of schools reopening, but looking over the chart, it seems to support my statement.

All of the 15 countries listed have already reopened schools, Germany, France, Japan, N Zealand, etc. I only count 4 of the 15 requiring masks of everyone. The others do not, or just do for teachers, certain ages, those who tested positive, etc.

There are a number of other countries reopening schools as well, but I guess uDub chose these 15 for their analysis, as more data was available, and they have already been open, have some results, rather than including the ones that have announced they are reopening but have not yet.

Re: protecting the at-risk or more importantly for most who live in their on home, helping them protect themselves, other than isolating, wearing masks and distancing when they choose go out, meds and food can be delivered, their are prophylactic meds available, should one wish to take that step, more time outside with separation, etc.

The ones in places like long term care facilities need more help to protect themselves, and account for most of the deaths in the US. Unfortunately, these folks are in close proximity to each other and workers at their facilities, and many have lost the mental capacity to take care of themselves. The biggest single thing we can do to lower Covid mortality is give these folks more ways to avoid exposure.

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