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Posted by devilinside on July 16, 20 at 13:21:37:

In Reply to: Why go political? posted by Gilbert_Sundevil on July 16, 20 at 12:59:02:

Complains about going political...then uses catch phrases like "lefties". Interesting.

Less likely means people are going to die. As a society, most of us work hard to do everything we can to prevent that. If it were just about the athletes then your point might have a shred of validity...but it's been pointed out to you multiple times that sports teams don't operate sans a lot of support personnel. Further, we have all read the stories of the otherwise healthy person dying from Covid, so limiting the coaches to people under 30 ain't gonna get it done. You continue to march down this path trying to ignore the reality of the situation.

Sweden and the UK have shown that just letting everyone do whatever they want really isn't that effective. So that whole herd immunity thing... yeah no.

You want football back. Wear your mask. The solution is that simple. It could be years if every any kind of vaccine for this comes into if you want to get back to doing enjoy the football team we all miss...wear your mask and encourage everyone around you to wear theirs.

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