Easier to dismiss pt of view calling it political

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Posted by mDEVIL! on July 16, 20 at 13:47:21:

In Reply to: Why go political? posted by Gilbert_Sundevil on July 16, 20 at 12:59:02:

... or racist, or whatever, even when there is nothing political about it, it is just your opinion on how best to respond to the same data and facts that everyone can see with a little research.

People have different risk capacities and different ideas about how best to handle things, and that is OK.

I've had people do that to me too when I pose a point of view that differs from theirs, which has nothing to do with my political affiliation.

People assume things about me based on my point of view on one topic, which are simply not true.

In fact, I have no political affiliation, nor any attachment to any particular news source.

I'm a registered Independent, you know, one of those guys at the margin, that along with turn out on the left & right, determines who wins many elections. I gather data from everywhere I find it, I consider alternative viewpoints, and I think for myself, form my own conclusions.

It is OK if people disagree with me. I welcome opposing views from those who think for themselves, rather than parrot talking points.

It is really a shame that so many right now cannot tolerate opposing views, and look for simple ways to dismiss them, like calling them political when they aren't.

Sign of the times.

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