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Posted by NC Devil on August 05, 20 at 06:17:44:

In Reply to: It does play favorites posted by Gilbert_Sundevil on August 04, 20 at 21:26:36:

This is a "novel" or new virus, no one has immunity until they recover. Net is it is killing unhealthy people - and if you are old like me, you tell how you are aging by the number of pills/injections/whatever you do on a daily/weekly basis.

There is a great "no politics' Dr. in the UK - Dr. John Campbell who has a youtube channel and has been posting daily updates since Feb. he is quite bleak these days as he understands and teaches what we are up against - 8 Billion people on the planet - a lot of people will die. He is a big believer in strengthening your immune system, which deteriorates over age. His older videos do a lot of teaching about how viruses work, how this specific one works, and why the early efforts in first world countries were so disastrous. Ironically, poorer countries are doing better than expected, because they don't have the means to keep old people alive, so the population is younger, with stronger immune systems.

If no vaccine emerges, then the "herd" will be culled of weaker people, today that is synonymous with old. If it is me, so be it, God has a plan, and I refuse to live in fear... plus with the impending Social Security cuts/implosion I probably don't have enough in my 401k to live long anyway!

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