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Posted by devilinside on August 05, 20 at 13:15:35:

In Reply to: Re: Not statistically posted by Gilbert_Sundevil on August 05, 20 at 12:53:51:

You have been wrong about this consistently for six months and 155-thousand dead Americans. I simply don't understand why the face of all evidence otherwise...continue to act like Covid is no big deal and somehow infringes on your right to watch college football. You continue to tout statistics where few if anyone young dies...which is cool...unless you are one of the few who dies from it, or their family. What you ignore is a hell of a lot of otherwise healthy people get this and don't die. But suffer some serious long term effects which affect their quality of life. There are roughly 13-thousand NCAA players. Statistically a small percentage will catch this. Most will recover. Most. At this point it's baffling to me and many others why you continue to ignore that while saying young people are immortal. They're not.

When dealing with kids...they don't get a lot of choices...they are kids and are clueless that they aren't immortal. That's why adults make these kinds of decisions. Playing football, where you're lined up in front of your opponent breathing in his air. That should set off all kinds of alarm bells since that's how this virus is passed from person to person. It only takes one guy on the team to shut down the team. As we have seen during summer workouts and those guys aren't even hitting each other.

I'm sorry you take this as a personal attack. But your insistence that this really doesn't have any effect on someone under 25 is simply incorrect. As we will find out again in about two weeks now that schools across the nation are stacking kids in rooms and ignoring the science.

I promised myself I wouldn't post on this topic here anymore because you can never convince anyone of anything on the internet. So, I will return to the background hoping some how soon the pandemic will pass so we can get back to football again.

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