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Posted by Idiot RayA. on September 04, 20 at 09:14:32:

In Reply to: I think you are full of caca. posted by ZDevil on September 03, 20 at 07:54:49:

According to your post, "we have ALL figured it out." If that's the case, why are SOME athletic conferences playing football in the fall, while others are not?

As usual, the Pac 12 is on the outside looking in. SOME things never change.

Shut up and wear my mask? Nancy Pelosi went to get her hair done at a closed salon two nights ago. Guess what, dummy? She was not wearing a mask that she requires of others. Do as I say, not as I do.
Also, the salons in California are ordered, CLOSED, i.e. no customers. Hypocrites!

It's mildly amusing when people blurt out numbers
without any context. The 185,000 inflated Covid death number you quote is meaningless, statistically speaking. Why? The total U.S. population is approximately 326,000,000

185,000/326,000,000 = 0.00056748466.

The media needs to stop fear mongering. We are ALL not going to die.

If I told you that I play baseball and tallied 50 hits last season, is that considered good or bad?
Neither. Why? It depends how many at bats I had. This will give you my batting average.

Stop throwing out numbers without the proper context and quit parroting the mainstream media!

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