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Posted by David_DJS on September 07, 20 at 16:51:53:

In Reply to: Re: Or maybe BRILLIANT! posted by PowayDevil on September 07, 20 at 13:15:49:

I appreciate your effort to become informed. I agree that googling the subject today results in a blizzard of stuff posted over the last week since the PSU doctor spouted off inaccurately.

About 2-3 weeks ago there was an NCAA conference call of medical expertes/team doctors to discuss COVID broadly, and it went to myocarditis. I remember a "consultant" being quoted saying something along the lines of "just one athlete with mycarditis is too many" and made me think, hmm...that sounds like someone trying to sell something. So I then googled and found a few studies - international and form here in the US - on the subject of myocarditis and athletes. I'm not going to pretend that I remember everything in great detail, but here are a few things I took from the reading -

1. The incidence rate for myocarditis in athletes is higher than for the public in general.

2. Contrary to the lady quoted above, when you test 1400 college football athletes, finding the number the Big 10 did was not unusual (I want to say it was 3-5%).

3. Myocarditis was the root cause of 20% of the football fatalities going back to 2000 - high school, college and pro.

I understand the info here is just me saying I read it, but I'll let you decide how much to read into it.

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