Politics should have nothing to do with it

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Posted by mDEVIL! on September 08, 20 at 11:48:03:

In Reply to: Let me guess - those p***y Democrats, right? posted by BJDevil on September 08, 20 at 09:56:22:

I don't have a horse in this race. That said, I cannot recall a time when the policy differences were more clear, pervasive, and striking between the elephants and donkeys, so if people are focused on policy less than behavior, they should have an easy time making up their minds in Nov.

I'm not arguing anyone is right or wrong, or that C19 isn't serious, especially for older folks with underlying health conditions, even moreso in LTC facilities.

I just made an observation that seems obvious and some people are going of on me.

Perhaps I was naive, but at one time I thought politics was completely separate from sports, medical decisions, etc, but it seems obvious right now, that is not the case.

Whether right or wrong, the differing political ideologies are clearly playing a role in so many parts of our lives. Maybe it was always there, just less exposed.

My personal opinion is we should play, and it has nothing to do with politics. I'm OK with people disagreeing.

Every pro sport is playing, and most P5 schools are too. Many pro athletes are in their 30s, some even 40s, no doubt have a greater risk than college athletes, but I'm not aware of a single C19 death among any college or pro athlete, and I think the the uncommon other side effects present less risk than a ACL, concussion, or the flu for college athletes, so they should be able to make that risk return decision themselves IMO, as I recently shared with Ray.

I'm OK with protecting at risk fans, staff, etc, but the player risk is very tiny, and they should be able to make that call for themselves IMO.

Politics should have nothing to do with it, yet it is quite clear that at the moment, it does, for some people.

I did one of my fantasy football drafts last night, since the pros are playing, regardless of the politics in their respective states. I got Aiyuk & Harry as late flyers, rounds 15 and 16, so at least some Sun Devils are playing.

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