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Posted by BJDevil on September 09, 20 at 10:56:23:

In Reply to: Politics should have nothing to do with it posted by mDEVIL! on September 08, 20 at 11:48:03:

"...yet it is quite clear that at the moment, it does, for some people." IMO, we really reanimated this partisan beast when Gingrich took the helm of the House in '94 and fought President Clinton at every turn for purely political gain (whether he was right or wrong), and it has progressively grown uglier on both sides ever since. When President Trump put all of the ugly pieces together and got elected on a wave of anger and frustration, the level of political paranoia truly permeated EVERYTHING.

"Should sports be played?" should be a, "is it reasonably safe to do?" question, and thankfully some leaders are still trying to do that. But for millions it's become a hate-filled, addictive namecalling game. For them, it's either an ignorant, "You're a pussy liberal if you don't," or some ostentatious, "You're a troglodyte Trump lover if you do," BS.

I've been against starting the season until there's a vaccine, but this conversation over the months has moved my cheese in one way: I'm being a little hypocritical because sports at any level can be dangerous. Having torn both ACLs and cartilage in both knees at different times, trashed my right ankle (it's never been the same), and earning a deviated septum bad enough to require surgery, and other tweaks/injuries over the years, I know that playing sports is inherently dangerous - with or without COVID-19. To say that football players need to be kept really safe while expecting them to beat each other up on gameday for our viewing pleasure is a little hypocritical. I can't argue against that point and honestly win. I can only deflect because I'm a bit of a pussy liberal these days... ;)

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