most telling and worst remark, IMO

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Posted by BJDevil on January 21, 21 at 20:08:30:

In Reply to: Well, bye Larry! posted by Forkem on January 20, 21 at 19:49:59:

Part of Scott's press release:

"I think it's been a time of introspection for a lot of people and realized I'm in my prime and I'm not necessarily enjoying this as much as I once did -- and I want to be passionate about what I'm doing and be part of being able to transform and grow an organization, like I did when I arrived here. That's what I'm looking for."
My Translation:

Yeah, you caught me.

I know, I know. I was making $5M/year and living like a king, but in the end, the job wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, so yeah. You should go a different direction. I'd fire me, too.

I mean, I knew it was too good to last.

Wow. I thought that after running the WTA, college football would be a cakewalk. And I had a sneaky great plan nobody had thought of before. I'd just show up and expand the league to 16 members - with Texas as the crown jewel of the new conference. That Longhorn green would just pile up, and I would be the untouchable king of the conference and get an even bigger castle to live in.

But nooooo.... F**king Texas f**ked me - dirty f**kers and their f**king Longhorn network, stealing MY grand idea -- So, all of my other plans - the Pac-12 Network, etc. - all went to crap. I'd shot the wad and had nothing left to offer.

But I couldn't tell anyone that. I had the image of a visionary to keep up.

But damn - this job was just too hard. How did Tom Hansen accomplish anything without SEC type money?

Yeah, yeah - I even f**ked you out of bringing in the best money making school available on the west coast (BYU) - but I added Tier 1 RESEARCH institutes Utah and Colorado! TIER 1, BABY!! Doesn't that count for something??

No? Ok...

You know, I can't believe I got away with this as long as I did. I even TRIED to look guilty when I had my head of referees MAKE A PHONE CALL to overturn a key play that would've hurt our cash cow while helping Washington State and that loudmouthed Mike Leach. You guys all let me go! I couldn't believe it.

Even those $5,000/night roadies with bulter hand jobs and helicopter rides over the beautiful Bay Area were getting old 'cause I knew my days were numbered.

(And f**k you, DirecTV. If they'd just been the suckers I'd hoped they were. But noooo. They had to do actual market research. And f**k you, fans. "Why don't we have DirecTV?? Why don't we have..." waaaah, waaaah, waaaaah. Grow a pair and eat my ass cake. Go to a bar somewhere and *sniff* watch the game or something.)

*sigh* I just didn't feel like working hard anymore 'cause it wasn't fun. But it was the job, not me! I'm out to start something new - a new challenge... Anyone have any openings for a recently re-motivated visionary to turn their business around ASAP7 I've got a hot idea about a new sports network I can pitch ya...

(Sorry for the length, CR. That frustration was a long time building...)

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