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Posted by Big Ron on June 12, 21 at 19:40:55:

In Reply to: Obsessed posted by Jondevil on June 12, 21 at 16:38:26:

* If I could not stand the man, I would have printed just that. So enough about your accusation. I see Anderson as a hired professional. He does his job and moves on. This was not his first job and it will not be his last. I was the same guy. I worked for 10 different companies, got well paid, then moved on to a better opportunity. Ray and I are both paid mercenaries. But I don't count on a mercenary to do great things for ASU. Not unless its in his contract and compensation. I don't remember Crow stating that he was going to judge Anderson on ASU's playing for a National championship in 8 years. So what does get Ray replaced? Welcome to institutional malaise.

* Anderson is smart, but a poor communicator. He will say whatever he thinks the audience wants to hear. Is ASU baseball a great tradition? Or is it just a program that had some early success? He seldom puts skin in the game. That bothers me.

* Sports progression. Herm Edwards has exceeded my expectation. He has assembled a dynamite staff. Recruiting is much more organized and focused on signing prototype athletes for most positions. And I hope that this year demonstrates a payoff. But his record to date is 17-13 and 11-11 in conference. ASU 20 year performance is 134-110 and 84-86 in conference. Herm's 56.6% and 50% win percentages are not significantly different than the 20 year 55% and 49% results. Basketball? How can we judge progress on a team that practically all the players walked out. Also, in his years as ASU HC, Hurley has only had only a couple big men stick with him for more than ONE year. Its hard to build a program around that sort of instability. I would assess that the jury is still out on the basketball program. Baseball: Smith is out. A new beginning. So lets judge Anderson like he evaluates coaches, by trajectory. Eight years - there is not much progress, yet.

* We did not have poor Athletic Directors, at least not all of them. Most moved on to plum jobs at nationally recognized programs. Gene Smith to Ohio State. Kevin White to Notre Dame and then to Duke. Steve Patterson to Texas. Fred Miller landed at Long Beach State and then San Diego State. But ASU sports programs under these ADs as well as Anderson, have gone nowhere because the school has not demanded that the sports programs go anywhere. That's my beef. NOBODY has demanded a national title in any major sport. You do not hear it from Crow and you do not hear it from Anderson. So we fall into a pattern of changing coaches every few years and hoping for the best.

* Anderson owes me nothing. But he sends staff to sell me on $Million Legacy seats and funding endowment programs. What do I owe him? His business is money, not ASU sports.

* Smith is gone. Yep. I fully support Coach Bloomquist and wish him the very best. My only thought about Smith was that he was an underachiever. I am sure that he will land somewhere else. There are a number of good positions open and I am sure that he will land one of them and recruit ASU players to travel through the portal to his new gig.

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