AD says investigation won't overshadow season

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Posted by B L Z Bubba on June 18, 21 at 09:58:54:

C'mon man. Does anybody actually believe this nonsense? of course it will. It will hang like this week's polluted wildfire pall over recruiting as well.

As Baseball Devil so succinctly put it (link) these failures of leadership aren't just your basic run-of-the-mill violations. These visits put others at risk. The coaching staff and those who visited during this period may have contracted the virus and spread it to others upon their return. Edwards, himself, contracted the virus and the team was a no show for several games last year due to team spread. It is entirely conceivable that this flouting of the rules could have resulted in deaths through the chain of contact transmission that followed these visits. We will likely never know but that was the risk. This is serious.

Will heads roll? If I'm a recruit that's a really big concern. This is an abysmal mess and, unfortunately, it will certainly result in some attrition. How do you sweep this under the rug? With all the apparent evidence, the in-house investigation should have already yielded enough information to result in terminations unless the dossier was bogus, which is highly doubtful. There may be hearing processes required before any terminations but the longer this takes the longer the cloud of uncertainty will loom over the program and the university at large.

Is it possible that RA didn't know what was happening? I don't know, but clearly he should have. I wouldn't be surprised to see a major housecleaning. It's too bad because I liked all these people. They didn't need to do this. So, yes, my fellow fans, this will overshadow everything. I am especially concerned about how this will impact the university's budget and the lives of the players and the assistant coaches who were placed between a rock and a hard spot.

This, too, shall pass - eventually.

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