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Posted by B L Z Bubba on June 19, 21 at 15:58:08:

In Reply to: ASU Allegations Etc.... posted by jruiz_Devil on June 19, 21 at 01:53:39:

At the risk of becoming a pariah on this board I respectfully disagree with many of your assertions.

Your initial post on this issue was the first I heard about the matter. I initially couldn't believe Herm could be involved. After reading the news reports, all referencing Doug Haller's reporting about the type and magnitude of documentary evidence that was delivered I came to think otherwise. Most of us are familiar with Doug's reporting and character. Ihe volume of the alleged indisputable evidence provided including receipts, videos, photos, & e-mails seems highly unlikely to be bogus.

Nobody has any idea how long an investigation will take. That is pure conjecture. There are multiple investigations including ASU's internal one. The evidence referenced in the article should be quite simple to verify. My guess is that much has already been validated, though that is just an educated guess based upon the reasoning above. Once serious infractions are verified consequences can swiftly follow regardless of ongoing investigations.

There has been no confirmation that I am aware of that Mawae was the whistleblower. It seems plausible though given the circumstance. Others have also been accused. Shooting the messenger or labeling the reporting as fake news without proof is one way to respond, though it usually reflects guilt.

Once, when I was in high school, I worked at a local grocery store in the meat dept. I was told to repackage meat that was going bad. I was told to wash off the aging chicken in the meat case because it was beginning to smell. They told me to sprinkle it with BHT to mask the odor and re-wrap it with a fresh expiration date before placing it back in the meat case for sale to our valued customers. I objected and was told I'd be fired if I didn't do as I was told. I didn't have the courage to do the right thing back then and I should have.

These violations are not trite. People's health was at stake. The NCAA and PAC-12 went to great lengths and experienced severe loss of income to create a protocol to help keep folks safe. If the allegations are true, the staff chose to ignore those efforts again, again, and again as they seemingly acted with impunity. 30 recruits. They put their assistants in a bad situation by pressuring them to flout the rules. I understand the position they were in and it sucks. They created discord and injected toxicity into the staff. This is the result.

The virus has killed more than 600,000 here in the US. Others who survived had limbs amputated and suffer from many other maladies resulting from their infections. They call these folks long-haulers. These disallowed visits opened the door to potential transmission - the very thing these rules were meant to mitigate. HE had the virus himself as did several of the players and possibly coaches. When the recruits went home it is entirely possible one or more of them may have inadvertently transmitted the virus to others, some of whom later down the transmission chain may have died or become seriously ill. This is not trivial.

If the allegations are true, these leaders (HE, AP, and possibly RA) acted irresponsibly, dishonestly, recklessly, and, frankly stupidly. It was colossal bad judgement if true. It may have even been the reason why several games were missed last year. We will never know for sure about these things but they certainly nay have opened the door. Now the University and football program have a black eye and live under a cloud. It jeopardizes the health of the program and financial well-being of the entire athletic dept. So, no, it's not a minor deal. This is a BIG deal.

Regarding the walking back of news reports, you have provided no such links to verify this assertion. I have not seen any though there may be some that you can provide.

Whistleblowers who expose corruption and malfeasance are a good thing, regardless of their motivation. I should have turned that grocery store into the health dept. I hope nobody got sick because of what I did. When I buy meat I don't want carrion. Upton Sinclair's, The Jungle, explains what happens as a result of these kinds of practices. Without enforced rules and regulations all of us are put at risk.

Herm won me over very quickly and I like all three of these gentlemen. I've defended them on this board more than once or twice. I'm not a hater or prejudiced. If the charges are accurate they f***** up big time. Nobody's perfect. But after intentionally making mistakes of this magnitude I sure don't think it should be swept under the rug. There needs to be accountability and consequences. You can bet that jobs are in jeopardy.

OK, I've blown my rant. Now you all can excoriate me and call me a rat.

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