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Posted by SunDevil4Life on July 12, 21 at 10:03:45:

In Reply to: Re: Football Minor League or College posted by Big Ron on July 11, 21 at 11:23:40:

Per big RonĎs assessment that football is much more physically demanding than baseball, and I would say that is also true for basketball. Kids making the jump from high school football to the NFL, and I donít care how five-star they are, seems like a stretch. Am I off here ?

Think of a first round draft pick like NíKeal Harry, or letís even say a Terrell Suggs. If either one of those guys would have come right out of high school, before doing all the work, getting all the coaching, putting on the weight, etc., I donít see there is any way they make it in the NFL going straight from high school. As in the case of NíKeal Harry, you have got a first round draft pick, albeit late first round, but he is still fighting to make his presence known in the NFL. Canít imagine how he would be beat down by an NFL defensive back playing in the NFL three months after he walks off the H.S graduation platform.

The second item I was curious about, is do you think that when these College players have money in their pockets, and now have a lot more opportunity to do extracurricular activities, and considering their maturity level or lack there of, do you think that any of the hunger and the drive for football will be lost? I know the answer is no for certain kids, but Iím curious for the kids that have come from less than abundant backgrounds, will having this new found money be a distraction and/or an opportunity to lose focus on their football responsibilities ? Will having the money from the endorsement deals hinder their hunger and drive for the NFL, or will it make them want to have more and work harder?

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the disparities and the fact that players will now have teammates driving nicer cars, taking their girls out to nicer restaurants, taking nicer vacations and posting all of that stuff on social media, will that disparity in financial scenarios take away from team unity because of jealousy or envy, etc. that would not have been there prior to this new rule going into place? Will the somewhat innocence of amateur sports and the purity of looking out for your brother on each side of you, be different than it was before? and I know some will say that the NFL has a lot of team unity, however those guys have a different mindset because they are literally looking out for the livelihood of their families and they are already in the league and that is their profession, versus these amateur kids who most of them will never make it to the NFL ?

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